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Not your average Aunt, Not your average Sister!

For our Wednesday Lifestyle post we really wanted to introduce you to Kim’s Sister, our Aunt Cynthia. Not only is she an incredibly talented kitesurfer and artist but she is probably one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet! We asked her to write something up about her love of kitesurfing as she is one […]

Friday Favorites

1. Spirulina Powder: Spirulina is a plant-based super food. It is 65% protein and packs a ton of nutrients. I like to add it to my morning “green drink” for some added benefits! 2. Chia Shots: I love chia seeds for a number of reasons. Not only are they a nutritional super food, high in […]

Friday Favorites

1. Trudeau Stressless Garlic Press I cannot tell you how many garlic presses I have gone through over the years. I don’t like the tedious task of mincing garlic and prefer to work with it pressed. Despite the divide in opinions on whether “to press or not”, I actually prefer the taste of pressed. So, […]

Gluten-Free, Sugar Drunk

We walked in looking for gluten-free and left feeling sugar drunk … Sydney and I attended a huge Gluten-Free Expo just outside of San Francisco this past weekend and couldn’t believe the crowd in attendance! Wow, the GF market is a big market and serves a special need for sure and while we were so […]

Friday Favorites

1. Avocados When I was living in Rhode Island, avocados were always a treat as they were not local to the area. In South Florida avocados are cheap, at every supermarket and extremely tasty, therefore I find a way to use them in everything! With my mom doing the 21 day sugar detox (no I’m […]

Amanda Haas at the San Francisco Cooking School

Okay, honestly, this was the best day that I have had in San Francisco since we moved here a year and a half ago – with the exception of the ride I got on an Oracle Racing AC 45  on San Francisco Bay during an America’s Cup race! Looking for culinary enrichment, I signed up […]

Friday Favorites – Superbowl Edition

With Superbowl Sunday looming, we decided to mix up the “Friday Favorites” post to cater to what we will be indulging in this weekend. 1. Yogurt Vegetable Dip In general, veggie dishes are considered the healthy option, but so many of the dips that accompany them are loaded with fat and sugar and completely cancel […]