Coastal Kitchen

Separated by circumstance but still sharing a love for a healthy lifestyle …

Friday Favorites

  1. Scott’s go-to energy meal This is sure to be in Scott’s bag as he races out the door for a day of sailing his Laser or ACat. When Scott is looking to lean out but feel strong and fueled this is what he eats: a can of tuna and in his words, “none […]

Friday Favorites

1. Indoor Herb Garden (with my not-so-camera-shy dog Olive) One thing I can’t stand is when a recipe calls for a few tablespoons of fresh herbs and I am forced to run to the grocery store and buy a bushel for $4 to $5 only to realize that after I’ve cooked the meal only one […]

A Face Wash You Could Eat!

I have always felt that whatever you put on your skin you should be able to put in your mouth. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the human body so why would you put anything toxic on it?  Of course there is sunscreen which is a must but when at all cost, […]

Friday Favorites

1. Almond Butter Almond Butter is a favorite of mine, but freshly ground almond butter is even better! The smaller ingredient list, the better, which is why Whole Food’s Freshly Ground Almond Butter is my go-to. They use a “soft serve” like machine to grind pure almonds into a butter and that means only one […]

Farm to Table Redefined – The Tower Garden

Lolli & Kelley in February with blizzard conditions just outside! Jump into the future of sustainability with the Tower Garden – an aeroponic system where the roots of plants rely solely on air and water (no soil), therefore not having to compete with the microbes and insects that traditional garden plants struggle with. The result […]

Friday Favorites

1. Le Creuset Cookware Le Creuset 3.5 qt French oven is one my most treasured kitchen items and certainly one to be passed down to my girls – guess I will need to get another!  This cookware is expensive but I look at it as an investment in health as other surfaces can chip and […]

Know Your Food, Know Its Source – LYFE Kitchen

The term “farm to table” is extremely trendy these days, hence overused, but with people getting smarter about their health and demanding more control over food and its source, it has become a saying that we should abide by. LYFE kitchen in Palo Alto has set the stage – a fast food chain gone green. After […]

Friday Favorites

1. Fruit Infused Water Also known as “Spa Water” because it is often found at fancy health clubs, this is a easy way to spice up your water therefore making it easier to get your eight glasses in a day. There are many different combinations to make, my favorite being cucumbers, lemon and a sprig of […]