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Friday Favorites

1. NuttZo This stuff is amazing and a great alternative to traditional almond butter! NuttZo is an organic blend of Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, and Pumpkin Seeds. Unfortunately, this brand is pretty expensive so make sure you savor it! I like to add a small spoonful into my gluten-free oatmeal in […]

Kunta Kenta’s Garden Surprise

Getting fresh vegetables “South of the Border” is a constant challenge – the locals in our tiny fishing village of La Ventana consider a can of corn and a head of iceberg sufficient to fulfilling nutritional needs. Being Ex Pats – used to endless supermarket aisles packed-full of luscious fruits and vegetables – we craved […]

Happy Earth Day! Shop Local and Ride a Bike

Sunday (while Scott was load testing the new Oracle Team USA AC 72) I took Gilbert for a ride into town to the local farmer’s market and just loved all the smiles and comments that it provoked. Comments like, “Mommy, mommy look! Did you see the lady with the dog in her basket,” or the […]

Friday Favorites

1. Tower Garden This is where most of our “green drink” ingredients will be coming from soon! Over the years I have had so many gardens and am always enthusiastic with the seed planting in the spring and the initial process of setting up the garden but come mid summer, life gets busy and the […]

Supermarket Survival Guide – Eggs

Last week I watched a newly released documentary, Genetically Modified Foods in America, which left me wondering about the trickle down effect of  GMOs in our food supply. According to the documentary there are currently 9 products in the USA that are genetically modified and those are: Soy Corn (not popcorn) Cottonseed (for oil) Canola (for […]

A Moment of Silence for Boston

  In light of the tragedy in Boston yesterday, we are taking today off from posting for a moment of silence. The Boston Marathon is a cornerstone to the city and a day when the community happily unites to cheer on the many competitors that have traveled from around the world to race. Being from […]

Friday Favorites

1. Real Simple: No Time to Cook App A few months ago a friend of mine referred me to Real Simple for recipe ideas, because they were always easy to make, delicious and foolproof. Because I’m not subscribed to the magazine I decided to download their iPhone app and have not been disappointed yet. It […]

Friday Favorites

1. My Transportation – Café 24 Deluxe Women Felt Bike I commute to and from work on my bike. It’s fast, it’s free, and it gives you a burst of energy, which is great for those early mornings! The best part about biking is that it brings back memories of riding my bike all over […]

Supermarket Survival Guide – Produce

This is our first installment of the Supermarket Survival section for Coastal Kitchen. Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about smart shopping and how to navigate the aisles and shelves of the grocery store, how to decipher what products we should always buy organic and when we can reach for the generic brand. […]