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Friday Favorites

1. Box Wine Box wine has had a stigma around it for years, which I’m determined to break. Being 25 and on a serious budget, I’ve found that there are many out there that taste incredible and at $15 to $20 for a three liter box (four bottles each) that lasts for a month…how can […]

The Wonder Product – Coconut Oil

We’ve posted about coconut oil in the past and its well-rounded qualities. After reading a great article by Glitter Guide (here), we started to experiment with it more on the beauty side of things and have found that there is no other product quite like it. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are native to […]

Friday Favorites

1. Summer 2014… I know, I know I can’t wait for summer 2013 too, but Kirsten and Chris’s wedding is slated to be held late next summer. Wedding magazines and websites have been great but there really isn’t anything quite like Pinterest to get you inspired. Check out Kirsten’s newest board Summer 2014…   2. […]

Links We Love

We enjoy our precious moments in the kitchen and want to bring you along on our exploration of the great blogs and resources where we draw inspiration. Here are a few good reads as well as some free Kindle downloads to help you quench your foodie desires. 1. Real Food on a Budget – 25 Tips […]

Friday Favorites

1. Gibson’s Golden Honey Honey is definitely my choice of sweetener and honestly, I have never tasted honey this good! I have been sampling the different honey available out here in CA and was seriously blown away by the taste of Gibson’s Golden “Wildflower Honey” which also happens to come from Santa Rosa where we recently […]

New England Coastal Summer

Castle Hill Inn has probably one of the best views in Newport and its sprawling lawn is perfect for getting together with friends and enjoying the sunset with a few libations of course. As the month of May slips from my hands I cannot help but let my mind wander. What will this summer in […]

The sailing community has lost a hero

Thursday the sailing community and the world lost a hero when Andrew “Bart” Simpson, a two-time Olympic Medalist from the UK lost his life aboard the AC 72 Artemis on San Francisco Bay. The sailing community is small and tight and there are a lot of grieving hearts today. Thursday was another gorgeous day on […]

Wine Country Century Ride

Over the past couple of weeks my parents have been talking non-stop about the Wine Country Century Ride (WCC) – a ride that covers 100 miles of Sonoma County’s most beautiful back roads and vineyards. Apparently the event sold out in a matter of hours back in February and my parents already had two tickets […]

Friday Favorites

1. Channeling Contessa My friend opened my eyes to this blog a few months ago when she arrived at one of our weekly potlucks with the most delicious kale salad in tow. Ever since, I’ve been following Clara who started her blog back in 2011. Her posts on food, books, fashion and overall lifestyle come […]

Tablescaping with Mason Jars

I’m not one to ever throw away glass jars and bottles. Our cabinets at home are filled to the brim with containers of all shapes and sizes. A few weeks ago, we went out to a Greek restaurant on South Beach and the sparkling water came in these amazing green bottles (pictured above). I toted […]