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Separated by circumstance but still sharing a love for a healthy lifestyle …

Friday Favorites

1. Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest I just love this little $6.00 item! I cook daily for our dogs and am totally conscious of where the spoon rests with regards to bacteria and germs as I am often dealing with raw meats. I have a dish that I rest the spoon on in between and […]

Links We Love

I guess this could be called “Links We Hate,” because the information in each article makes you want to move to another planet and never eat or drink anything again! Of course we are exaggerating, but seriously, this information will make you rethink many different aspects of the food industry. We vow never to let […]

Friday Favorites – Summer Edition

Since today is the first day of summer… 1. Frosty Freeze – Only 8 This little dilapidated shack right on East Main Road in Middletown is a dream for children and adults alike. It’s not unusual to find a line overflowing into the parking lot at around quarter to seven every night. Their “Only 8” […]

Wipro San Francisco Marathon

This past Sunday I ran in The Wipro San Francisco Marathon and completed in my first half marathon! It was an incredible achievement for me and, despite how much pain I am in right now, I am already planning my next event! Once college ended and I realized there would be no more lacrosse seasons to keep […]

Tuesday Takeout

This was our recent takeout, Teriyaki Salmon Burgers from Dave’s Marketplace in Wickford, RI. If you aren’t near a Dave’s we have found amazing salmon burgers at Whole Foods Market as well. Our version of a takeout is not necessarily as fast as calling up a restaurant and having something delivered. We still had to […]

Friday Favorites

1. Kebabs: I always keep kebab skewers in my kitchen because they inspire quick and simple dinner ideas. Chop up whatever vegetables you have and add some marinated chicken, shrimp, beef or any other protein, throw them on the grill and your done! The fun part is you can mix and match! 2. Farmer’s Markets: […]

Downtown Jamie Brown

We love to write about family and friends whose lifestyle and sense of adventure inspire us, and Jamie embodies just that. He left a dream engineering job at General Electric’s jet engine group 26 years ago, moved to Hawaii to pursue his passion for windsurfing and has created a life that most would dream of. […]

Friday Favorites

1. Cooks Illustrated I absolutely LOVE this magazine. It’s filled with incredible tips and illustrations, my favorite section being the “Kitchen Notes” in the back. It’s certainly worth the investment of $19.95 for a subscription (6 issues) rather than buying it at 5.95 an issue. It’s a pretty exciting day when this baby shows up […]