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Separated by circumstance but still sharing a love for a healthy lifestyle …

The 34th America’s Cup – Reflections from the Inside

(Photo credit: Jim Brown) As the America’s Cup is upon us, and three years of hard work now coming to a close I speak as an insider and the spouse of an America’s Cup designer and for all the families that also sleep, eat and breathe this event 24/7 for three years. We uproot our […]

Kiley Hagerty with Kitchen Tips for the Independent Lady

Meet fellow kitchen sister, Kiley Hagerty, whose passion for cooking started at the age of five, with the unwrapping of her first EasyBake oven; after baking every packet of cake, cookie and brownie mix under the little pink appliance’s 40-watt lightbulb, she was hooked. Seventeen years later – after working with some of the industry’s […]

Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

Whenever I go to the gym it is always at a pivotal time during my eating schedule (i.e. right before breakfast, lunch or dinner) and halfway through the workout I get lightheaded and hungry. To end this problem once and for all, I began to research pre-workout snacks that are light and easy to make. […]

Finding something to look forward to everyday …

We got talking the other day about what inspires us and honestly there are so many things that the three of us love to do and it’s making time each day to do something that makes us happy. Creating small things to look forward to each day and not feeling the pressure to do it […]

Articles for Thought

The month of August brings lots of exciting and new activities and events for the Coastal Kitchen ladies.  Here are four articles that definitely caught our eyes today! 5 Reasons to Start a Relationship With Apple Cider Vinegar ( 25 Great Snacks for Runners (Runners World) Ask Well: 3 Short Workouts or 1 Long One? […]