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Separated by circumstance but still sharing a love for a healthy lifestyle …

On Pins and Needles …

We apologize for our inconsistent posting over the past two weeks. The Coastal Kitchen ladies haven’t been able to eat, let alone cook, due to the America’s Cup competition as it gets down to the wire. As you might already know we have family and many friends on the Oracle Team USA and we have […]

Sharpening My Skills Literally – San Francisco Cooking School

This past Saturday I spent the morning at the San Francisco Cooking School in a “Knife Skills” class and all I can say is that you San Franciscans are so lucky to have this gem in your own backyard. I am truly going to miss this place when we pack up to move back east […]

Deciphering the Cereal Aisle

In our opinion the cereal aisle can be deceiving, with bright boxes lining the shelves and screaming labels like “only 60 calories per serving,” “fresh fruit added,” “all-natural” and “organic,” making it hard to decipher the good choices from the bad. For us, having a bowl of cereal in the morning is definitely a treat, […]