51 and CrossFit

by Kitchen Ladies


 (photos of Kim taken by Melissa Guitron)

If you had told me a year ago that upon moving to San Francisco I would find my community in a CrossFit gym filled with barbells and plywood boxes, I think I would have looked at you funny. Well, after a year of many yoga classes, TRX classes and barre classes I found myself still looking for something more. I had heard about CrossFit and this past September and the start of year two out here, I walked into the San Mateo Team Elite Gym to inquire about their introductory CrossFit program. Standing there with my arms crossed and a bit hesitant with all the weights crashing all around surprisingly it didn’t take long to convince me to try it. Within minutes after talking to the owner Brendan Mahoney he had me hooked. He spoke of nutrition (specifically the Paleo diet) and the workout and what a powerful combination the two makes. I was then introduced to Melissa Guitron who would be my trainer for the month and now it is almost 5 months later and I haven’t looked back. I love CrossFit, the incredible workout that never gets boring (although it does get hard!) the amazing people that I have met and most importantly, the way I feel.

I grew up an extremely active kid involved in all sorts of sports from ballet, gymnastics, field hockey and lacrosse to competitive sailboat racing, aerobics instructor and certified yoga instructor. All the while missing the serious component of nutrition. Yes, I had the apple–a-day thing down, cutting out the refined carbs, no soda, yaddy-yadda but NOW I am understanding nutrition at a whole new level and it’s so exciting!

I got into CrossFit, not to get skinny but to get healthy. I am slowly adapting to the Paleo way of eating which I like to view as a lifestyle not a “diet.”  I have absolutely no desire to be 20 again as being 50 is amazing! I just wish I knew what I know now back when I was 20.

What would I tell my 20 something year old self now? I would say, ‘if you are lucky, you will be 50+ one day so start taking care of yourself now!’

PS. I have been a yoga instructor for over 20 years and my favorite combo is CrossFit with Yin Yoga. While CrossFit builds the muscle, Yin Yoga works to keep the connective tissue (fascia) flexible.

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