Belgian Endives

by Kitchen Ladies


I woke up early today to prepare a favorite recipe, only to find out that one of the ingredients I had bought at the supermarket the day before was spoiled. Standing in my kitchen, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I opened the fridge to find a package of Belgian Endives staring back at me. I had picked them up in the produce aisle during an extra ambitious moment, but now the task of whipping up a dish seemed daunting. However, the more research I did, the more I realized how fantastic these greens are for you: packed with vitamins, high in fiber, beta-carotene (thought to play a role in protecting cells, boosting the immune system and fighting cancer), iron and much more!

Belgian Endives can be eaten raw or cooked so I tried both versions. When eating it raw in a salad, add in sweeter ingredients to balance out its tangy taste. In the salad above I added dried cranberries, feta, avocado, olive oil and balsamic glaze. Also, always remember to chop off about 1/8 of an inch from the stem end and then core it a ½ inch. I also tried grilling them (below) with olive oil and a little salt and pepper, which took away the tart taste and tenderized them.

Health Benefits of Belgian Endives
History of Belgian Endives

~ Happy Tuesday! Kir