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Reversing Hypothyroidism and High Cholesterol

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and elevated cholesterol. Without really knowing a whole lot, I did what I was told by my physician and went on a statin for my cholesterol and Synthroid for my thyroid, but the whole year that I was on those medications, I felt as if something wasn’t […]

My Little Sugar Secret

No, I don’t have diabetes but three years ago I was in a cross fit gym in California where someone had a glucose meter out and was talking about the importance of knowing your blood sugar level first thing in the morning. Then fast forward to last month, I was listening to a lecture by Dr. […]

Newport Cooks!

After two years in San Francisco surrounded by an abundance of cooking schools, it was hard to come home to Rhode Island, as I thought I would have to drive at least an hour to neighboring cities to find culinary inspiration. Much to my surprise I found the nearby gem that is Newport Cooks, and this […]

DIY Gift Guide

Get creative this holiday season and try out some of these easy and fun “DIY” gift ideas. Currently we’ve made jelly jar travel and teacup candles along with lavender scented bath salts. We put our own spin on things, but followed instructions for both at Real Simple. Below are some more ideas that we plan […]

CK Lady Update

In less than a month, Coastal Kitchen will be celebrating its first birthday (December 2nd), and this impending event has us reflecting on the past year and brainstorming the future. We are all Rhode Island natives, but when we began this blogging adventure, we were spread between San Francisco and Miami, and still “getting our […]

Against all Grain

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Danielle Walker, blogger and author of the New York Times Best Seller Against all Grain, during her book signing and presentation at Barnes and Noble in Pittsburgh, Pa. Having struggled with an autoimmune disease (ulcerative colitis) for many years in her twenties, Danielle talked to […]

Hydration: Simple and Efficient

This two-time Laser Master World Champion, Oracle Team USA wing engineer and two-time America’s Cup winner is also a serious weekend warrior when it comes to anything sports related. How does he stay fueled up? Coconut water. Scott is super conscious of what he puts into his body and lately has become much more aware […]

Getting Coached

(Coach Lorri Lee Lown, founder of The Velo Girls) One of the highlights for me while living in California for the last two years was not only getting the chance to ride with the Velo Girls, but also getting a private coaching session with Lorri Lee Lown, the founder and owner. When I first looked […]

On Pins and Needles …

We apologize for our inconsistent posting over the past two weeks. The Coastal Kitchen ladies haven’t been able to eat, let alone cook, due to the America’s Cup competition as it gets down to the wire. As you might already know we have family and many friends on the Oracle Team USA and we have […]

Sharpening My Skills Literally – San Francisco Cooking School

This past Saturday I spent the morning at the San Francisco Cooking School in a “Knife Skills” class and all I can say is that you San Franciscans are so lucky to have this gem in your own backyard. I am truly going to miss this place when we pack up to move back east […]

The 34th America’s Cup – Reflections from the Inside

(Photo credit: Jim Brown) As the America’s Cup is upon us, and three years of hard work now coming to a close I speak as an insider and the spouse of an America’s Cup designer and for all the families that also sleep, eat and breathe this event 24/7 for three years. We uproot our […]

Kiley Hagerty with Kitchen Tips for the Independent Lady

Meet fellow kitchen sister, Kiley Hagerty, whose passion for cooking started at the age of five, with the unwrapping of her first EasyBake oven; after baking every packet of cake, cookie and brownie mix under the little pink appliance’s 40-watt lightbulb, she was hooked. Seventeen years later – after working with some of the industry’s […]

Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

Whenever I go to the gym it is always at a pivotal time during my eating schedule (i.e. right before breakfast, lunch or dinner) and halfway through the workout I get lightheaded and hungry. To end this problem once and for all, I began to research pre-workout snacks that are light and easy to make. […]

Finding something to look forward to everyday …

We got talking the other day about what inspires us and honestly there are so many things that the three of us love to do and it’s making time each day to do something that makes us happy. Creating small things to look forward to each day and not feeling the pressure to do it […]

Pop Physique in San Francisco

I recently discovered Pop Physique tucked away in the hip Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. In the past I’ve taken a variety of yoga, pilates, and barre classes but Pop combines all of these activities, bringing it to a level of its own. Created by a former ballerina and pilates instructor, Pop offers classes with a mix […]

Meet Sergio Lopez-Ruiz – Our first guest blogger!

Meet Sergio Lopez-Ruiz – Our first guest blogger! I met Sergio a few years ago when he came to Newport as a chef onboard the iconic J-class yacht Velsheda and “whisked” my good friend Phoebe off her feet with his charm and, of course, culinary prowess. After many nights salivating when the newlyweds talked of […]

Island Life

Well, it doesn’t get much better than living on an island where one is closest to everything that you could possibly need to feed the body and soul. For us, Jamestown, Rhode Island will always be our home. Jamestown is a tiny island that is 9 miles long and 2 miles wide so, no matter […]

Table Accents

We have decided to demote Friday Favorites to “every once and a while” and switch up our TGIF post to more lifestyle and inspiration. With wedding fever on all of our minds (with the year of Kirsten), we decided to post a photo of our favorite table accents: succulents, hydrangeas, sand dollars, starfish and Nantucket […]

The Perfect Picnic

One of our favorite things to do mid-summer is pack up our favorite foods and head to the beach for a picnic. This is the classic hazy lazy summer day in Jamestown at our favorite hideaway, Green’s Pier. CK’s Top Tips on Perfecting the Picnic: 1. Prepare foods before heading to your destination. Choose easy-to-eat […]

Have a safe and happy holiday!

The Kitchen Ladies are taking the rest of the week off to celebrate being all together in Rhode Island… we’ll be back on Monday.

Wipro San Francisco Marathon

This past Sunday I ran in The Wipro San Francisco Marathon and completed in my first half marathon! It was an incredible achievement for me and, despite how much pain I am in right now, I am already planning my next event! Once college ended and I realized there would be no more lacrosse seasons to keep […]

Downtown Jamie Brown

We love to write about family and friends whose lifestyle and sense of adventure inspire us, and Jamie embodies just that. He left a dream engineering job at General Electric’s jet engine group 26 years ago, moved to Hawaii to pursue his passion for windsurfing and has created a life that most would dream of. […]

The Wonder Product – Coconut Oil

We’ve posted about coconut oil in the past and its well-rounded qualities. After reading a great article by Glitter Guide (here), we started to experiment with it more on the beauty side of things and have found that there is no other product quite like it. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are native to […]

New England Coastal Summer

Castle Hill Inn has probably one of the best views in Newport and its sprawling lawn is perfect for getting together with friends and enjoying the sunset with a few libations of course. As the month of May slips from my hands I cannot help but let my mind wander. What will this summer in […]

Wine Country Century Ride

Over the past couple of weeks my parents have been talking non-stop about the Wine Country Century Ride (WCC) – a ride that covers 100 miles of Sonoma County’s most beautiful back roads and vineyards. Apparently the event sold out in a matter of hours back in February and my parents already had two tickets […]

Tablescaping with Mason Jars

I’m not one to ever throw away glass jars and bottles. Our cabinets at home are filled to the brim with containers of all shapes and sizes. A few weeks ago, we went out to a Greek restaurant on South Beach and the sparkling water came in these amazing green bottles (pictured above). I toted […]

Kunta Kenta’s Garden Surprise

Getting fresh vegetables “South of the Border” is a constant challenge – the locals in our tiny fishing village of La Ventana consider a can of corn and a head of iceberg sufficient to fulfilling nutritional needs. Being Ex Pats – used to endless supermarket aisles packed-full of luscious fruits and vegetables – we craved […]

Happy Earth Day! Shop Local and Ride a Bike

Sunday (while Scott was load testing the new Oracle Team USA AC 72) I took Gilbert for a ride into town to the local farmer’s market and just loved all the smiles and comments that it provoked. Comments like, “Mommy, mommy look! Did you see the lady with the dog in her basket,” or the […]

Supermarket Survival Guide – Produce

This is our first installment of the Supermarket Survival section for Coastal Kitchen. Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about smart shopping and how to navigate the aisles and shelves of the grocery store, how to decipher what products we should always buy organic and when we can reach for the generic brand. […]

Farm to Table Redefined – The Tower Garden

Lolli & Kelley in February with blizzard conditions just outside! Jump into the future of sustainability with the Tower Garden – an aeroponic system where the roots of plants rely solely on air and water (no soil), therefore not having to compete with the microbes and insects that traditional garden plants struggle with. The result […]