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Know Your Food, Know Its Source – LYFE Kitchen

The term “farm to table” is extremely trendy these days, hence overused, but with people getting smarter about their health and demanding more control over food and its source, it has become a saying that we should abide by. LYFE kitchen in Palo Alto has set the stage – a fast food chain gone green. After […]

Not your average Aunt, Not your average Sister!

For our Wednesday Lifestyle post we really wanted to introduce you to Kim’s Sister, our Aunt Cynthia. Not only is she an incredibly talented kitesurfer and artist but she is probably one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet! We asked her to write something up about her love of kitesurfing as she is one […]

Gluten-Free, Sugar Drunk

We walked in looking for gluten-free and left feeling sugar drunk … Sydney and I attended a huge Gluten-Free Expo just outside of San Francisco this past weekend and couldn’t believe the crowd in attendance! Wow, the GF market is a big market and serves a special need for sure and while we were so […]

Amanda Haas at the San Francisco Cooking School

Okay, honestly, this was the best day that I have had in San Francisco since we moved here a year and a half ago – with the exception of the ride I got on an Oracle Racing AC 45  on San Francisco Bay during an America’s Cup race! Looking for culinary enrichment, I signed up […]

ING Miami Half Marathon

This past Sunday I completed my first half marathon (13.1 miles) and it was exhilarating. Before moving to Miami I was a self-proclaimed non-athlete. I loved being outside and being active, but the idea of competing for anything gave me the shivers. The training leading up to the race was great. It gave me a […]

Half Marathon Training

My training route over the Rickenbacker Causeway from Brickell to Key Biscayne Three and a half months ago, had someone told me I would be running a 13.1 mile race all over downtown Miami and South Beach I wouldn’t have believed it, but now, in less than five days, I’ll be competing in my first-ever […]

Chris’ Corner: Southwest Egg Burger

After yesterday’s post, we thought it would be good to stay on the CrossFit theme for another day. My boyfriend, Chris, has been in the CrossFit (at CrossFit Vida Brickell) routine for almost a year now (going between 4 and 5 times a week) and not only has he transformed  physically but his whole lifestyle […]

51 and CrossFit

 (photos of Kim taken by Melissa Guitron) If you had told me a year ago that upon moving to San Francisco I would find my community in a CrossFit gym filled with barbells and plywood boxes, I think I would have looked at you funny. Well, after a year of many yoga classes, TRX classes […]

Pinecrest Gardens Farmer’s Market

This weekend I made my first trip to the Pinecrest Gardens Farmer’s Market outside the city. It was incredible. Tucked in the town’s Garden Center, which is about 20 minutes south of Miami, the market boasted everything from fruit and veggie stands to local organic dog food, ceramics and beauty products. What truly caught my […]

Shake Shack – A Welcomed Indulgence

Now I am not one to frequent burger joints, but there are those times when one can’t resist the urge to bite down on a luscious cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and all the best condiments. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided it was just about time to make a trip to our favorite […]

Post Holiday Detox – Lemon, Cayenne & Maple Syrup

The perfect post holiday detox. We love to drink this one down first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach. – 8 oz glass of purified water (warm) – juice from 1/2 a lemon – 1 tablespoon organic (local) syrup – a pinch of cayenne

Friday Reflections

It’s hard to sit down and write about our Friday Favorites when there are so many families grieving due to the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. Out of love and respect for the 20 children and six women whose lives were taken too soon, we want to dedicate today’s post to the community […]

Snowboarding in Tahoe – No Gym Membership Required

We have dedicated Wednesday’s posts to adventures that incorporate the three f’s (fun, fitness and food) Since moving to San Francisco a few months ago, every weekend holds a new adventure. Whether it’s discovering a new favorite restaurant, exploring one of the many neighborhoods or meeting new friends, the city has so much to offer! […]

Wellness Starts Here

 Kirsten, Sydney & Kim “Mama Ferg” At the time that the Coastal Kitchen seed was planted, my mom and sister were officially relocating to San Francisco with my dad and I was headed back to sweltering Miami after a wonderful New England summer in our hometown. It was definitely bittersweet since I always miss the […]