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Deciphering the Cereal Aisle

In our opinion the cereal aisle can be deceiving, with bright boxes lining the shelves and screaming labels like “only 60 calories per serving,” “fresh fruit added,” “all-natural” and “organic,” making it hard to decipher the good choices from the bad. For us, having a bowl of cereal in the morning is definitely a treat, […]

Belgian Endives

I woke up early today to prepare a favorite recipe, only to find out that one of the ingredients I had bought at the supermarket the day before was spoiled. Standing in my kitchen, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I opened the fridge to find a package of Belgian Endives staring back at […]

Supermarket Survival Guide – Eggs

Last week I watched a newly released documentary, Genetically Modified Foods in America, which left me wondering about the trickle down effect of  GMOs in our food supply. According to the documentary there are currently 9 products in the USA that are genetically modified and those are: Soy Corn (not popcorn) Cottonseed (for oil) Canola (for […]

Supermarket Survival Guide – Produce

This is our first installment of the Supermarket Survival section for Coastal Kitchen. Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about smart shopping and how to navigate the aisles and shelves of the grocery store, how to decipher what products we should always buy organic and when we can reach for the generic brand. […]