Chris’ Corner: Southwest Egg Burger

by Kitchen Ladies


After yesterday’s post, we thought it would be good to stay on the CrossFit theme for another day. My boyfriend, Chris, has been in the CrossFit (at CrossFit Vida Brickell) routine for almost a year now (going between 4 and 5 times a week) and not only has he transformed  physically but his whole lifestyle is different. A year ago, this time,  there was milk in the fridge  and bread in the cupboard. Now, we make green drinks (see here) every morning and are constantly experimenting at night with “Paleo” meals. The one thing he still indulges in, on occasion, is beer (pictured above).

His creation, this southwest egg burger (pictured in this post) has become a favorite for both of us. It’s hearty, but we’re still staying in the “no dairy, no grains, no sugar” parameters. Just grill up a burger, add a dollop of salsa and finish it off with an over easy (over medium) egg on top.

~ Kirsten