CK Lady Update

by Kitchen Ladies

CK home collage

In less than a month, Coastal Kitchen will be celebrating its first birthday (December 2nd), and this impending event has us reflecting on the past year and brainstorming the future.

We are all Rhode Island natives, but when we began this blogging adventure, we were spread between San Francisco and Miami, and still “getting our feet wet” in both places. Coming from a small New England town, it is hard to break through and find your own little community, so Coastal Kitchen became an outlet where the three of us could stay in touch and share with each other, and our readers, some of the things we love most.

None of us have a culinary background so this past year we have joined our followers on this journey to wellness – posting everything from recipes, fitness regiments, and favorite products to lifestyle pieces highlighting people we look up to.

Over the course of this fall, we have all uprooted again (Sydney in South Carolina, Kirsten in Pennsylvania, and Kim back in Rhode Island); however, this time we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. As we delve into our new homes, we will be cutting back the number of posts to improve on their quality and originality, pairing down our previous Monday through Friday schedule to three days a week.

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