Farm to Table Redefined – The Tower Garden

by Kitchen Ladies

Garden girls

Lolli & Kelley in February with blizzard conditions just outside!

Jump into the future of sustainability with the Tower Garden – an aeroponic system where the roots of plants rely solely on air and water (no soil), therefore not having to compete with the microbes and insects that traditional garden plants struggle with. The result is large and luscious plants, pesticide free, rich in vitamins and full of incredible taste!

Our two friends, Lolli Leeson and Kelley Braun from Marblehead, MA were the first to introduce us to this amazing product. Kelley is a physical therapist and Lolli is a Juice PLUS health-and-wellness educator. Both women are committed to educating communities on health, wellness and the power of good food.

The Tower Garden is the brainchild of horticulturist Tim Blank who spent 12 years at Epcot Center innovating growing technologies eventually leaving to launch his own company, Future Growing where he developed much larger garden towers for commercial use. In the last year Tim has partnered up with Juice PLUS to create a smaller model designed and priced for residential use.

This amazing contraption takes up a tiny footprint (2.5-feet around) and can live in varying tiny spaces in ones home or outside. It also takes minimal attention (not even a “brown thumb” can mess it up!), requires no weed pulling, and uses less than 10% of the water a garden of that size would require.

Most fruits and vegetables, by the time they finally reach your table, have often travelled cross-country and along the way lost many of the original nutrients. The Tower Garden gives families control over what they are eating. “American families desperately want solutions and choice in being able to obtain nutritious home-grown, organic, vine-ripened and GMO-free food. In today’s world that is not easy,” said Lolli.

For us at Coastal Kitchen, the Tower Garden is a no brainer! It’s better for you and it’s better for the environment. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing product click on the Tower Garden logo to the right and drop us a note!

In the words of Ron Finley, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”

Tower Garden Collage