Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies


1. Spirulina Powder:
Spirulina is a plant-based super food. It is 65% protein and packs a ton of nutrients. I like to add it to my morning “green drink” for some added benefits!


2. Chia Shots:
I love chia seeds for a number of reasons. Not only are they a nutritional super food, high in omega-3s and fiber, but they also are extremely versatile. I like to simply mix with water or sprinkle on yogurt but because of the gel they form when mixed with water they can also be used in cooking to replace oils, butter and eggs. And with these chia “shots” that are per-measured servings they can also be convenient if you are on-the-go!

red drink

3. Vitamix:
My parents passed their older Vitamix down to me once they shipped theirs from our home in New England. Its pretty much a family heirloom and I am ecstatic! Using the Vitamix has transformed my cooking from fresh ground almond butter to hot soups and morning juices…it really is a game changer in the kitchen! After some experimentation, I now have my very own take on the “green drink” with kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon and apple! I’ll look forward to sharing some more Vitamix recipes in the future!

PS. We have just recently heard of a more affordable option to the Vitamix and with great reviews. It’s called the Nutri Bullet. So, no excuses, get to drinking your greens and feeling awesome!

~Enjoy, Sydney