Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

1. Fruit Infused Water

Also known as “Spa Water” because it is often found at fancy health clubs, this is a easy way to spice up your water therefore making it easier to get your eight glasses in a day. There are many different combinations to make, my favorite being cucumbers, lemon and a sprig of mint. Check out “Fruit Infused Water” for some great recipes!

2. Weekend Reading: Rich Food Poor Food

The Coastal Kitchen Ladies are not your average book club. Over the past six months my money has been spent on books about cooking and nutrition. The most recent one to be added to the stack is Rich Food Poor Food, which is a grocery store self-help book. Yes… self-help. I have skimmed through it already but can’t wait to go through it this weekend!

3. Core Fusion

I have never been a huge advocate of health clubs and fitness centers, because I always thought I could do my own workouts outside without the help of instructors. After my half-marathon I realized that I really needed to start cross training and strengthening my upper body, and because I don’t have the discipline to do weights in the comfort of my own home I decided to do some research. A friend introduced me to Core Fusion, which is a series of classes taught at Exhale Mind Body Spa (the gym can be found in most major cities). I had to do some serious budgeting and cut a lot of frivolous spending out, but I was able to join and it has been one of my best decisions yet. I will be doing a lifestyle post in the near future featuring the Barre class, which is part of Core Fusion and probably one of the most beneficial workouts I’ve ever done.

~ Have a great weekend xo Kirsten