Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

almond butter Collage

1. Almond Butter
Almond Butter is a favorite of mine, but freshly ground almond butter is even better! The smaller ingredient list, the better, which is why Whole Food’s Freshly Ground Almond Butter is my go-to. They use a “soft serve” like machine to grind pure almonds into a butter and that means only one ingredient: Almonds! My favorite pairing is with a granny smith apple – an “indulgence” on the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

ps. I have read recently that it’s best to keep all nuts refrigerated. Because we don’t know how long the nuts in the large store machines have been sitting around, I am going to start buying fresh almonds and making my own almond butter in the food processor!



2. Sosh
Sosh is an app that has been super useful since living in San Francisco. With the motto, “Life’s too short to be bored,” it provides city goers with the ins and outs of whats happening in and around the city. You can use filtering options to customize your interests (ex. local trips, under $30, scenic spots, get active, fit for foodies, date night, live music and so many more). Get inspired by browsing and bookmarking places you want to go or things you want to try and it will store your to-do list. You can also follow friends and share feedback! It’s like having an insider with you at all times! Currently it only serves San Francisco and New York but coming soon are Chicago, Boston, LA, Seattle and more.


These tasty little crackers are gluten-free and one of the few packaged goods approved on the 21 Day Sugar Detox. They are made with flaxseeds and have a variety of flavors (Dill, Rosemary, and Savory). Delish!

~ Sydney