Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies


1. Indoor Herb Garden (with my not-so-camera-shy dog Olive)
One thing I can’t stand is when a recipe calls for a few tablespoons of fresh herbs and I am forced to run to the grocery store and buy a bushel for $4 to $5 only to realize that after I’ve cooked the meal only one percent of the produce was used and the other 99 is going to be thrown out. Though I’m as far from a green thumb as they come, I’m now adamant about keeping my herbs alive and right now have rosemary and basil, which go well with almost any dish. Not only do I save money, but also have an aesthetically pleasing herb corner in my living room.


2. Lemon and Ginger
There is something magical about the combination of lemon and ginger. Earlier this year we did a post on lemon ginger tea, which has been a savior this week as I try to get over a not so pleasant cold. The duo is also amazing when added to the staple green drink in the morning – just a tiny sliver of ginger and a freshly squeezed lemon definitely give my daily apple, kale, cucumber, pineapple and avocado smoothie a kick in the butt.


3. Nutritional Documentaries
If you are hoping to hunker down for a cozy weekend at home and want to indulge in some interesting documentaries I definitely recommend Hungry for Change and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Hungry for Change is very informative and interesting. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is more personal with a storyline that follows two men, Joe and Phil, on their journey to lose weight through juicing. I am not a total fan of Joe, but Phil’s story will have you in tears by the end.


~ Kirsten