Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies



1. Scott’s go-to energy meal

This is sure to be in Scott’s bag as he races out the door for a day of sailing his Laser or ACat. When Scott is looking to lean out but feel strong and fueled this is what he eats: a can of tuna and in his words, “none of that chunk light sh#&!” a little olive oil, some lemon pepper and an avocado if he has one. Protein + healthy fats = power!


2. Bay Area Bike Rides Deck

We are a family of avid road bikers and I found this great deck of cards that have detailed routes of 50 amazing rides in the Bay Area. Scott and I are prepping for the Century Ride in Napa Valley and have chosen some rides from this deck to get ready!


3. CrossFit

I have been doing CrossFit at San Mateo Team Elite┬ásince September and I have to admit, I am obsessed! I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it to CrossFit and my awesome coach Melissa Guitron. Being a certified yoga instructor myself, I find the perfect balance in 2-3 days of CrossFit for building muscle and endurance combined with Yin Yoga in between for stretching the fascia and keeping me injury free. The combination of the all out push and sweat of CrossFit (the “yang”) with the quiet and long stretching of Yin is just unbeatable in my book!

~ Kim