Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies


1. Real Simple: No Time to Cook App
A few months ago a friend of mine referred me to Real Simple for recipe ideas, because they were always easy to make, delicious and foolproof. Because I’m not subscribed to the magazine I decided to download their iPhone app and have not been disappointed yet. It is great because you can pick the type of entrée you are making and the amount of time you have to make it. It will then send you a large list of recipe ideas that fit that criteria. This week I made the most scrumptious Potato Rosemary Flatbread (pictured above), which I will definitely be posting about in the near future.


2. JASON Tea Tree Deodorant Stick
This product is still up for debate – I gave it to a friend who is still a little skeptical – but I’m a total fan! Ever since I could read and write I’ve been warned of the dangers of using deodorant with antiperspirant. Antiperspirants block sweat from escaping through underarm pores onto the skin and contain numerous ingredients that have been linked to illnesses, including cancer. Your lymph nodes (armpits) are so important because they act like filters for the body and drain out bad cells. So why would you want to put something on them that is going to plug them right back up and not let anything out? I love the smell of this deodorant and for me it lasts all day. However, if you are doing any hardcore workouts, because it doesn’t have the antiperspirant qualities, it won’t keep you from sweating…but hey, isn’t that why you workout anyway?


3. Organic Sunshine Burgers
Since I’ve been living with Chris it has been harder to skip meat at meals, so my alternative is to make regular burgers for him and then I’ll go the vegetable route. However, in the last few months I’ve become much more of a stickler about ingredients and have found that in many of my favorite veggie burgers there are so many ingredients that should not be ingested. For more information, check out These burgers are awesome and have only whole foods in them. Definitely make sure to dress them up with your favorite additions: mine are avocados, paleo mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend!

~ Kir