Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

Tower Garden Collage

1. Tower Garden

This is where most of our “green drink” ingredients will be coming from soon! Over the years I have had so many gardens and am always enthusiastic with the seed planting in the spring and the initial process of setting up the garden but come mid summer, life gets busy and the watering and weeding fall by the wayside so the Tower Garden is my solution. It is an aeroponic growing system that requires no soil so there is no weeding and a pump on a timer does the watering. The base of the system is filled with a nutrient rich solution that is constantly recycling and pumping up through the tower oxygenating and feeding the plants. No weeding and less water usage, sounds good to me. Even better, should we go away for a week the garden will take care of itself-SO COOL!


2. Coco Hydro

I came across this electrolyte-replenishing product about a month ago while shopping for bike equipment for our upcoming Century Ride in Napa Valley. I love that it is not sugary sweet and the color of anti freeze when mixed with water. I can also pronounce all of the ingredients – imagine that! Coco Hydro is basically coconut water with a high amount of potassium, which is great for long rides. My favorite is the Coco Hydro Pineapple.

Go raw

3. Go Raw

I just love Go Raw products but especially love these chocolate super cookies. The ingredients are simple, NO Agave (seriously, that stuff is deadly) only organic coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, organic dates and organic cacao. Don’t be completely fooled, as there is natural sugar in the listed ingredients so you should still only have a few! Click on the link to Go Raw above and read about their process and why raw is best.

Ps. My favorite city is BOSTON!


~ Stay strong Boston, xo Mama Ferg