Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

1. Tofu Shirataki Noodles
In my opinion, what makes a good pasta dish are the sauces and seasonings and the actual noodles just need to have the right consistency. Tofu Shirataki Noodles are incredible because they don’t pack the calories and carbs that normal noodles do. Instead an entire bag (8 oz.) has only 40 calories and 1 gram of fat! You can find them at the almost any grocery store in the produce aisle and directions for cooking are right on the package. You can make soups, pasta salad or any pasta dish using these noodles and they come in an array of different shapes (i.e. angel hair, macaroni elbows, etc.).

2. Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soaps
A motto that we don’t always live by but like to take into consideration when buying beauty products is, “whatever you put on your face and body should be so natural you could eat it.” This is definitely not always the case, but because your skin is your body’s largest organ it’s nice to find things that will go easy on it. Dr. Bronner’s is a soap that I’ve been using since I was little. On camping trips I only pack this because it can be used as cleaner, body and face wash, shampoo and even toothpaste. My favorite one is the lavender soap.

3. Nike+ Sport Band
I’m currently training for my first half-marathon, but am not a very competitive person. It wasn’t until I got the Nike+ Sport Band and was able to track  my calories, time, distance and pace that I started really pushing myself. This little device is hooked to a chip in my shoe and when I’m done with a run all I have to do is plug it into my computer and it will load my workout and compare it against my previous runs.

Have a Great Weekend!