Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

1. Channeling Contessa
My friend opened my eyes to this blog a few months ago when she arrived at one of our weekly potlucks with the most delicious kale salad in tow. Ever since, I’ve been following Clara who started her blog back in 2011. Her posts on food, books, fashion and overall lifestyle come together seamlessly and I find myself checking in on it daily to see what new tricks she has up her sleeve.

2. Whey Factors 100% Natural Whey Protein
I did a post a while back on my love of whey protein shakes. They are best after a rigorous workout to keep your metabolism speeding and your energy up during the day. However, it is hard to find ones that have ideal ingredients and low sugar. Whey Factors is great because there are no GMOs, no sugar or artificial sweeteners and the whey protein is in its natural form and has not been altered. Taste-wise, it definitely needs some sprucing up, so I always blend it with blueberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

The first time I met Chris at a football game in Auburn.

The first time I met Chris at a football game in Auburn.

3. Love
With all the changes that this week has brought for me, I thought I would share my best beauty, health and overall wellness tip, which is to laugh and spend time with the one you love. I don’t necessarily mean this in a romantic way – this could be a good friend or family member – but there is nothing more radiant inside and out than someone who is truly happy.

~ XX Kir