Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

Cooks Illustrated

1. Cooks Illustrated

I absolutely LOVE this magazine. It’s filled with incredible tips and illustrations, my favorite section being the “Kitchen Notes” in the back. It’s certainly worth the investment of $19.95 for a subscription (6 issues) rather than buying it at 5.95 an issue. It’s a pretty exciting day when this baby shows up in my mail!


NutriBullet Collage

2. Nutri Bullet

The Nutri Bullet rocks and is a great alternative for people “on the go!” We had to try it and bought one for traveling, as a day without a “green drink” is not a good day. For $100.00 compared to the $400-$700 Vitamix machines you can’t go wrong. Granted, the Vitamix machine does a whole lot more but if you are just looking to make fruit and veggie smoothies and need a powerhouse blender this is a no-brainer. I would even suggest putting a Nutri Bullet on every kids “going back to college” list!



3. Summer Reading

Summer reading… anyone who knows me, knows that I love to read and when summer rolls around I can’t think of a better day than one on the beach or boat with a good book. When I was young I remember running to the beach on cloudy stormy days with my sister wrapped in blankets, reading scary books. We also grew up with parents that were voracious readers so the love of a good book was a given.

Currently I am in two book clubs and already have an ambitious reading list ahead of me, but when, Scott (my husband), who never reads, finds a book (East of Eden) that he cannot put down, I know it’s got to be good! Therefore, John Steinbeck has kicked those other authors aside and moved to the top of my list.

~ Have a great weekend, xo Mama Ferg