Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

Spoon holder

1. Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest

I just love this little $6.00 item! I cook daily for our dogs and am totally conscious of where the spoon rests with regards to bacteria and germs as I am often dealing with raw meats. I have a dish that I rest the spoon on in between and run through the dishwasher daily so when I saw this pop up online I had a “eureka moment!” Duh, how come I didn’t figure this out earlier! This little solution is perfect, as the spoon rests over the pot so there‚Äôs no need to place it on the counter.

Cooling rack

2. Expandable Cooling Rack

I have never had a proper cooling rack, instead would just jury rig one by taking a wire rack and propping up the ends with books. So, for $15.00 I thought that it was about time to just buy one already! I like this one as it is expandable and so far, I am totally happy with it!

Draw free

3. Draw Free

This has to be my absolute favorite app! Forget Words with Friends, as that’s so boring now. I love playing this with my sister as we are both graphic designers and so sketching is part of our line of work and this keeps us sharp. My sister is amazing (she is a graduate of Pratt Institute art & design so no wonder) and often sends me drawings that are not only incredibly well done but that make me laugh. I literally silenced a coffee shop once when I opened one of her drawings as I was laughing so hard!

We both started with Draw Free and have just upgraded to Draw Something 2, which has more tools and effects. Cynthia works on an iPad, which is nicer as it’s a better screen size to work with and she can just use her fingers whereas I draw from my iPhone screen using a special little pen. Basically you get a word and have to draw it out for the other player to guess and believe me, it can get very funny!

~ Have a great weekend everyone, xo Mama Ferg