Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies


1. Practical Paleo
Although I don’t practice the Paleo diet 100%, I do hold this book to be an incredible resource as far as the chapters on diet & nutrition. Diane Sanfillippo describes in simple terms the concept of “inflammation” and how certain foods can either enrich or wreak havoc on our health. Her book is smart and well written.


2. The Vitamix
“This is the Ferrari of blenders” – Cook’s Illustrated

I can speak for all three of us, as this is our absolute most favorite kitchen tool bar none! You cannot make Scott’s “green drink” listed in our blog without one. I thought that everyone knew of this little gem but found out otherwise when a friend of mine tried to make our green drink in a traditional blender and described her experience-it didn’t work.

You need a powerful blender to make a smoothie of avocado, carrots, mango, grapes and kale. A normal blender will just make a chunky mess and a juicer will not only take a lot of work in prep and cleaning but you will end up only using a portion of the fruit or vegetable to get a dribble of juice! With a Vitamix machine you throw it all in, skin and all (often the skin has vital nutrients) and turn the mix into a soft and sweet smoothie.

They aren’t cheap but you have to think of it as an investment in your health.


3. Darwin Pets
Our dogs have gone “Paleo” no grain or kibble just veggies and meats.

Gilbert before and after

(photo of Gilbert before and after)

What can I say; I think that the photos speak for themselves. Gilbert was about to be euthanized at a high kill shelter in CA when Rocket Dog Rescue scooped him up. The first photo was taken the day I first met him back in February ‘12 – he was pretty sick and looks about ready to give up. The second was taken 4 months after we adopted him. I can only attribute his rebound to a combination of endless love and kisses, the great veterinary care that he received and the Darwin diet that we have him on. Our dogs eat a Darwin diet with eggs and sardines thrown in weekly along with a daily “human grade” probiotic. Yup, he’s our lottery dog – we all won with this boy!

Have a lovely weekend everyone (go Pats!)  ~ Mama Ferg

ps. I don’t work for any of the companies above although my husband thinks I should … I just love their products.