Friday Favorites

by Kitchen Ladies

IMG_62461. Avocados

When I was living in Rhode Island, avocados were always a treat as they were not local to the area. In South Florida avocados are cheap, at every supermarket and extremely tasty, therefore I find a way to use them in everything! With my mom doing the 21 day sugar detox (no I’m not participating) I’ve tried to be somewhat conscious of my sugar intake and avocados are a great way to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings as they are creamy and have a hint of sweetness. For a snack I just cut one in two, add a little sea salt to it for taste and scoop it right out of the skin to eat.

IMG_62542. Coconut Oil

Recently I followed a recipe that called for coconut oil. When I went to the grocery store the only brands available came in large containers, so in order to make it worth it I started to research different ways of using it. Not only did I realize that you could substitute it for regular oil, butter and sauces, but also that the health benefits that come with using it are vast (click here). Recently I’ve been researching how to use it in your beauty routine – I see a post in the near future.

IMG_62593. Probiotics

While in Rhode Island over the holidays I came down with a throat infection and then when I got back to Miami a sinus infection took over.  Two rounds of antibiotics later my body was physically exhausted so I put myself on a probiotic. The benefit to taking a probiotic is that it replenishes your body with all the good bacteria that can be wiped out when on medications. It is even good to take one on a regular basis (when you’re not sick) because it boosts the immune system and gives the digestive tract a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria. When the digestive tract is healthy it can filter out harmful bacteria, toxins and chemicals, etc.  I now take a probiotic every morning with my multivitamin.

Have a great weekend and for our friends in the Northeast…enjoy the snow!

~ Kirsten