Friday Favorites – Summer Edition

by Kitchen Ladies

Since today is the first day of summer…

1. Frosty Freeze – Only 8
This little dilapidated shack right on East Main Road in Middletown is a dream for children and adults alike. It’s not unusual to find a line overflowing into the parking lot at around quarter to seven every night. Their “Only 8” soft serve is just something that I cannot live without when I’m back in RI. It’s only eight calories per serving and whey protein powder is one of the main ingredients so you don’t get that sugar/dairy crash after you eat it!


2. Porch Sessions
If I could spend 24 hours a day outside on my parent’s porch I would. This summer fortress is filled with lush pillows, heating lamps – for when the sea breeze fills in – and overflowing with potted geraniums and lobelia.


3. Sunset Overload
I don’t know what it is about this place but it seems like the sunsets can never go wrong. Just last week I was blindsided by a golden horizon that highlighted the bay. I took about 100 photos of it, knowing full well there would be another sensational one tomorrow.

xx Kir