Friday Favorites – Superbowl Edition

by Kitchen Ladies

With Superbowl Sunday looming, we decided to mix up the “Friday Favorites” post to cater to what we will be indulging in this weekend.

1. Yogurt Vegetable Dip

In general, veggie dishes are considered the healthy option, but so many of the dips that accompany them are loaded with fat and sugar and completely cancel out the reason you are eating vegetables in the first place. What we’ve done is started to buy the powdered versions of vegetable dip (for this we used Hidden Valley Dips – Garden Green Onion) and then replace the sour cream  (and in some cases mayonnaise  with non-fat plain Greek yogurt. The result is extremely tasty and guilt free – taking calories per serving from 70 to 24 for two tablespoons.

2. Gluten-Free Beer

Just recently we started to read up on wheat free beer and many critics are raving about it. Last night, we put it to the test – with Papa Ferg and Uncle Jamie, brew extraordinaires, as the judges – and Omission Beer took the cake. According to Outside Magazine, some other ones to try include Harvester IPA, Brunehaut Bio Blonde, Dogfish Head Tweason’s Ale and Green’s Discover Amber Ale. Drink up!

3. Kame Crackers

These have been a pantry staple for many years, but just recently we’ve started to experiment with these little wafers of joy. Kame crackers are Japanese and rice-based, naturally making them gluten free. They have the right consistency to make them easy to substitute for chips. Here, we are swapping out tortilla chips and using the Cheese flavored versions to dip in salsa. Scrumptious!