Happy Earth Day! Shop Local and Ride a Bike

by Kitchen Ladies


Sunday (while Scott was load testing the new Oracle Team USA AC 72) I took Gilbert for a ride into town to the local farmer’s market and just loved all the smiles and comments that it provoked. Comments like, “Mommy, mommy look! Did you see the lady with the dog in her basket,” or the seafood vendor who thought Gilbert was so cute that he promised to come stocked with doggie treats next weekend. Farmer’s Markets seem to bring out the best in people … flowers, food, smiles and a slower pace.

We came home with some halibut, smoked salmon and strawberries. Kind of an odd mix but I made the most delicious lunch! Toasting my favorite Maninis gluten free oat bread and topping it with some wild caught sock eyed salmon with a drizzle of olive oil and some strawberries on the side. Gilbert and Rascal enjoyed some strawberries too.

~Have a beautiful day, xo Mama Ferg

IMG_0207strawberry Collage