Know Your Food, Know Its Source – LYFE Kitchen

by Kitchen Ladies


The term “farm to table” is extremely trendy these days, hence overused, but with people getting smarter about their health and demanding more control over food and its source, it has become a saying that we should abide by.

LYFE kitchen in Palo Alto has set the stage – a fast food chain gone green. After a notable 30-year career as one of McDonald’s top franchise holders – leading over 31,000 McDonald restaurants in 118 countries – Mike Roberts decided that is was time to make a change. He started in-house and for seven years pushed the company to bring apples to the menu and now McDonalds has the highest sale of apples in the country.

He has taken it a step further with the LYFE kitchen (Love Your Food Everyday) and plans to make it a nationwide restaurant. We tested the menu this past weekend in Palo Alto and were quite impressed: clean food from local sources, an in-house hydroponic garden and a very serene atmosphere for dining. Cucumber infused water in clear glasses (no plastic) replaces soda machines and there are no more neon yellows and reds adorned with plastic happy meal toys and clowns. Instead we experienced a peaceful atmosphere with good food and left relaxed and smiling.