Links We Love

by Kitchen Ladies


I guess this could be called “Links We Hate,” because the information in each article makes you want to move to another planet and never eat or drink anything again! Of course we are exaggerating, but seriously, this information will make you rethink many different aspects of the food industry.

We vow never to let another fruit loop, frozen dinner, soda (…and the list goes on) pass through our mouths (or that of any of the people we love) again.

  1. 80% Of Pre-Packaged Foods In American Grocery Stores Banned In Other Countries
  2. Balanced Bites: Canola Oil May Be “Paleo Diet” Approved, But I Won’t Eat It
  3. Top 15 Crusaders for Health in America’s Food Industry
  4. Huffington Post: If Obesity Is a Disease, Who’s Going to Treat It