Meet Sergio Lopez-Ruiz – Our first guest blogger!

by Kitchen Ladies


Meet Sergio Lopez-Ruiz – Our first guest blogger! I met Sergio a few years ago when he came to Newport as a chef onboard the iconic J-class yacht Velsheda and “whisked” my good friend Phoebe off her feet with his charm and, of course, culinary prowess. After many nights salivating when the newlyweds talked of the fabulous dishes they were making, I finally stopped by their home to do some taste testing of my own.

Sergio is no stranger to seaside living and found a passion for cooking when he began working in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain at the local restaurants. To cultivate his skills further, Sergio attended EHIB in Mallorca in 2006 and put his expertise to the test when he came on as a cook at Simply Fosh – a state of the art restaurant and culinary community that brings foodies from far and wide to downtown Mallorca. Today, Sergio is still cooking away, with many of his most desired dishes being the ones he learned at Fosh.


Sergio will be posting recipes on Coastal Kitchen from time-to-time so make sure to keep an eye out!

For our most recent rendezvous, he made two delectable dishes:
Puttanesca Relish with Halibut – Print/View Recipe
Chocolate and Olive Oil Truffle with Flor de Sal and a Red Pepper Raspberry Jelly – Print/View Recipe