My Little Sugar Secret

by Kitchen Ladies

glucose meter

No, I don’t have diabetes but three years ago I was in a cross fit gym in California where someone had a glucose meter out and was talking about the importance of knowing your blood sugar level first thing in the morning. Then fast forward to last month, I was listening to a lecture by Dr. John Douillard on Ayurvedic Philosophy and its role in Digestion. He covered the entire digestive system in depth but what struck me most was the blood sugar section. In a nutshell, according to Dr. Douillard, your morning blood sugar (first thing, no food or drink) should be no higher than 85 mg/dl as anything higher is doing damage. According to WebMD* (under 100 mg/dl)

His theory is that when there is too much sugar in the blood it then gets sent to the muscles and when the muscles cannot take the overload, the sugar goes back into the blood converting it to fat and LDL cholesterol and even worse, it begins to glycate. When the sugar in your blood has nowhere else to go it sticks to proteins and the two favorite proteins are collagen and elastin! Yes, your skin, not only your epidermis (outside layer), but the inside skin…the skin of your arteries, lungs, etc. So, when your blood sugar is too high you are in effect damaging your arterial walls. Too much sugar can set you up for a host of chronic diseases – yikes!

With that knowledge, I decided to go out and buy a glucose meter to experiment on myself. It took me several tries to figure it out and get over the fear of pricking myself but I’m all over it now! Well, my results were incredible in that they were eye opening. I kept a journal of what I ate, my exercise, what I drank, and any unusual stress of the day.

My results in a nutshell (I picked out just a few that stood out):

  1. No exercise, no alcohol, healthy diet, some bread and some dark chocolate (wasn’t totally depriving myself!) lots of greens: 84
  2. Walked the dog, dinner out with friends, some wine, no dessert: 96
  3. Hard bike ride (45 minutes lots of sweat) dinner with friends, wine, lots of desserts and jelly beans: 91
  4. A day in the car, driving to Boston for my yearly mammogram, lunch at the hospital cafeteria, 1 hour walk with my daughter’s dog, long drive home in traffic, stopped for a coffee and some Reeses chocolate to stay awake, stressed: 120!!!
  5. Decide to do a full day with NO refined carbs (I did eat some rice), taught a yoga class, no alcohol and sugar levels dropped to : 73

So, It is a bit personal but I wanted to share with you what I learned. Our blood sugar changes daily and everyday holds an opportunity to change our lives right down to a cellular level.

Please watch his video below.

Xoxo Mama Ferg

PS. stay tuned as I will report back after my 21 day sugar detox challenge!

 Sugar 101 by Dr. John Douillard