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Against all Grain


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Danielle Walker, blogger and author of the New York Times Best Seller Against all Grain, during her book signing and presentation at Barnes and Noble in Pittsburgh, Pa. Having struggled with an autoimmune disease (ulcerative colitis) for many years in her twenties, Danielle talked to the audience about how she finally had enough and decided to stray from the traditional western medicine route and instead cure herself with food. After cutting out grains, lactose, legumes, and refined sugar from her diet she started to see her symptoms dissipate from the inside out. Now she is healthy and uses her website to educate those with similar issues as well as people just interested in living in healthy lifestyle.

I have always been an avid reader of her blog, but it wasn’t until I attended the book signing that I picked up her new cookbook, and last night I tried out my first recipe from it (pictured above: shaved brussel sprouts with bacon, leeks and pomegranate seeds). It was the perfect mix of salty and sweet and Chris and I devoured it. The pictures on each page are mouth water worthy and seem to have sprouted from some of my favorite comfort foods. If you want to try out the recipe, or any others, I recommend purchasing this gem!

Read more about Danielle:
Purchase Against all Grain at


Hydration: Simple and Efficient

scott Laser MAster

This two-time Laser Master World Champion, Oracle Team USA wing engineer and two-time America’s Cup winner is also a serious weekend warrior when it comes to anything sports related. How does he stay fueled up? Coconut water.

Scott is super conscious of what he puts into his body and lately has become much more aware of the long list of ingredients in popular sports drinks. Because of this, he was looking for a non-artificial alternative for getting hydration with potassium and electrolytes. So, in keeping with his inquisitive ways, he did a bit of research and after multiple experiments he came up with this simple solution:

8 ounces of water

8 ounces coconut water

Shake it up and you are good to go.

scott hydrating drinkCollage

Tarragon and Chive Baked Flounder


The great thing about dedicating time to Coastal Kitchen over the last year is that now I have almost every spice known to man and a fridge stocked with staples. This past Sunday, when I did my weekly grocery shop I was flabbergasted to see that $78 was able to get Chris and myself three hearty dinners, five days of morning green drinks and breakfast along with my lunch through Friday. Though it took me a while to get here, I’m starting to feel like a master shopper!

Last night’s dinner was probably the most expensive of the bunch due to the fresh herbs that I had to buy (chives and tarragon), but I plan to fix this soon by cultivating my own herb garden. I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, please try this recipe. I’ve never experimented with flounder, but this is divine, and the perfect meal to impress houseguests with.

Dinner for two cost breakdown: Baked Flounder and Sautéed Spinach
Already had: butter, minced garlic and Dijon mustard
Two skinless sole/flounder fillets (wild caught) $5.64
Fresh tarragon $2.99
Fresh chives $2.99
Panko Bread Crumbs $2.19
Bag of Spinach $1.89
Total = $15.70

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~ Kirsten


Slim Cinnamon Roll Scones


There is something about scones that complement a chilly fall morning and these skinny (literally) versions are perfect for dipping into your ritual coffee or tea. Our only advice is to not leave them in the oven too long or you will miss out on their flakey croissant texture.

View/Print Recipe (we skipped the glaze step and they are still tasty)

Grilled Wings, Spinach Salad and Homemade Ranch


The fall season is upon us and with that comes football, and with that comes football-worthy snacks and meals. We used to love ordering wings out at restaurants until we found out how many heavy ingredients go into the making of them.

We opted out of the fried version and made these grilled wings from a recipe in the 2012 edition of Cooks Illustrated “Cooking for Two.” They were amazing! The key to success is to make sure not to skip the brining step as it helps to bring out the flavor, and keep the meat tender when it’s on the grill. Also, making your own ranch dressing is a must; it takes less than five minutes, and you skip all the preservatives found in store bought versions. Pairing this with the spinach salad completes the meal.

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Broccoli-Cheese Soup


Try this delicious spin on an old favorite where the broccoli is now the star of the show! We stumbled upon this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen and decided to give it a try. The recipe is quick to make and best when finished off with some simple croutons made from a fresh baguette. Just toast the slices of bread in a toaster oven then butter, cut into cubes and toss into your soup.


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Flourless Cheesy Bread


This cheesy bread from Nourished and Nurtured is grain free and absolutely delicious and we doubt that there is any kid on this planet that wouldn’t devour it! Memories of “party pizza’s” in Jamestown came flooding back with the first bite. Just add some marinara sauce and you have quite a treat.

Note: One reader substituted the arrowroot with half the amount of coconut flour with great success. We used arrowroot and have yet to try the substitute but give it a go and let us know!

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Cheesy Collage



Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice


This is a delicious Paleo-approved grain-free replacement for rice. There are many different versions of riced cauliflower but this is one of our favorite as we love anything that combines lime and cilantro! Check out the recipe at Popular Paleo

Note: use “unrefined” coconut oil to get a touch of the coconut taste.

Cauli rice

Rebuilding the Fajita


Mexican food holds a special place in the Coastal Kitchen ladies’ hearts, but with all the additives found in pre-made seasonings and sauces, we were quite excited to come across this post from SparkPeople. Three new additions to our Mexican nights are avocado cream, fajita rub (we added salt to ours) and replacing the standard tortilla wrap for bell peppers.

For the full article, visit


Macadamia Nut Waffles with Blueberries


I recently purchased the cookbook, “Against All Grain” by Danielle Walker and the first thing that I made were the blueberry waffles which are flourless. The batter consists mostly of ground up macadamia nuts. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I made waffles but I am pretty sure it was back when Kirsten and Sydney were in high school.

Being back in Rhode Island with the crisp air and the leaves falling just made me want to make waffles and in the midst of this new list of ingredients, I started to laugh and warned Scott, as he sat at the table waiting, that it could be a disaster but quite the contrary! They were amazing!

Ps. Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs. Rascal who is a big fan of waffles and pancakes was a bit let down as he waited for a taste but wasn’t allowed. Next time I will substitute the macadamia nuts with cashews as dogs are allowed to eat those, poor little guy.

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Molasses Cookies


These are the best holiday cookies to make as a hostess gift, but I need to warn you now…it is easy to eat one batch in a sitting! I am talking from experience.

On Friday, I was having the biggest craving for something sweet, molasses cookies in particular, but had no intention of getting out of my PJs and leaving the house. I looked up the recipe online and was happy to find out that all the ingredients to make them were in my pantry. These are very simple cookies that blend a spicy and sweet taste and a crunchy and chewy consistency (the perfect combination in my book).

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Happy Monday
~ Kir


Chicken Soup with Roasted Vegetables

Chicken soup

Seriously, this soup is amazing! I found this recipe on my new favorite site, Against All Grain and it was just what I needed when I came down with a head cold just recently. The soup is simple to make, delicious, hearty and nothing but good for you.

I also just bought Danielle’s new book Against All Grain and the recipes look incredible.

PS. We often make recipes from other sources but we only post the ones we love and trust me, there have been some awful ones!

xo Mama Ferg

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Getting Coached

Lorri(Coach Lorri Lee Lown, founder of The Velo Girls)

One of the highlights for me while living in California for the last two years was not only getting the chance to ride with the Velo Girls, but also getting a private coaching session with Lorri Lee Lown, the founder and owner.

When I first looked into the coaching sessions I was really interested in the Climbing and Descending class as the hills out on the Peninsula are incredibly challenging, and having had two bad bike accidents in the early ‘80’s I had a major fear of descending too quickly. However, in order to take my preferred class, I was required to first take Bike Skills 101.

At first I scoffed at the idea, I’ve been riding bikes since I was five-years-old. I know everything by now right? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Lorri was awesome! The first thing she did when she met me was scan my bike and point out what I needed to fix and why. After that, we dove into the basics of bike handling and proper riding technique, including the importance of balance and weight distribution and bike anatomy. She told me that its when we over think things we get into trouble and that I need to trust my bike and get out of my head. We then segued into hand and body position, shifting, braking, steering and the emergency stop. Lorri then went on to drill me on bike handling skills and for a period of time I repeatedly mounted, dismounted and emergency stopped my bike.

My most favorite part of the day was riding with no hands, something I’ve never been able to master. With a few simple cues (and Lorri right behind me talking to me about body position) I was riding and taking corners with no hands. The session ended with drills on cornering and counter-steering and no, it is not innate.

Even though I have been riding for over 45 years, I wasn’t doing it right and at the end of the session Lorri encouraged me to share what I had learned so that we can make the road a safer place.

xo Kim (Mama Ferg)

Get Coached

 Check out the awesome Bay Area Velo Girls


A well deserved stop after a grueling 40 mile bike ride with the Velo Girls through the Oakland Hills and Orinda.


Banana Ice Cream


We found this banana ice cream recipe online a few weeks ago and were overjoyed with the results. Satiate your sweet tooth with three simple ingredients (banana, peanut butter, chocolate chips).

For one perfect portion of banana ice cream
1. Peel and chop up one whole banana and place it in the freeze for two hours max (you don’t want freezer burn)
2. Place frozen slices in the blender and pulse until smooth
3. Mix in 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon of milk chocolate chips
4. Enjoy!


Apple and Pepper Jelly Grilled Cheese


It is officially Fall in New England and the one sandwich that we all love is Grace Potter’s killer Apple and Pepper Jelly Grilled Cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and a touch of truffle oil. It is out of this word delicious!

Upon our arrival home from California our good friend Karen not only had dinner and wine out on the table but also some fresh flowers and some apples that she had picked from one of our favorite spots, Sweet Berry Farm. The next day I made our favorite sandwich from one of our most favorite musicians, amazing Grace! Watch Grace to see how it’s done.

Watch Here

GP grilled cheese Collage



On Pins and Needles …


We apologize for our inconsistent posting over the past two weeks. The Coastal Kitchen ladies haven’t been able to eat, let alone cook, due to the America’s Cup competition as it gets down to the wire. As you might already know we have family and many friends on the Oracle Team USA and we have been rooting them on daily. As of today they have only three races left to win and the Auld Mug stays in the USA. Honestly, we don’t know how they do it, as we are tired just being fans!

On Monday, September 30th we will begin posting regularly again, but in the meantime keep checking Facebook for Updates.

NY Times

Mercury News

A Cup of Caen

America’s Cup

Fried Avocados with Honey Mustard Dip


Ooh, when we saw this recipe we just had to try it! These fried avocadoes were really and truly, finger lickin’ good! Super easy to make and the dipping sauce really seals the deal. The only changes that we made from the original recipe were:

1. Eliminated any dairy in the avocado egg wash-instead we added a touch of water.

2. No mayo in the dipping sauce – its perfect without.

*** Note: Coastal Kitchen will be back on September 23rd as we are all moving! Yes, Kirsten to PA, Sydney to SC, and Kim to RI. but we will be back in the kitchen next Monday!

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Fried Avocado Collage

Coastal Kitchen’s Quick Red Sauce

Mamas quick red sauce

This is the Coastal Kitchen ladies’ go-to spaghetti sauce. It is super easy to make and in less than ten minutes the smell of fresh garlic will be wafting through your house, reminding you that it is ready to be served. Because we make it so often, we tend to ditch the measuring component – use salt, pepper and spices to your liking just don’t burn the garlic!

Take some leftover sliced grilled chicken and warm it up on the stove with olive oil and garlic, and then toss in the sauce. Pour it over a plate of pasta and top it off with some grated Parmesan. There is no better comfort food out there.

~ Enjoy!

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Sharpening My Skills Literally – San Francisco Cooking School


This past Saturday I spent the morning at the San Francisco Cooking School in a “Knife Skills” class and all I can say is that you San Franciscans are so lucky to have this gem in your own backyard. I am truly going to miss this place when we pack up to move back east in a few weeks. The list of classes is incredible, and I only wish I had more time as I would certainly sign up for the 6 week Cooking Fundamentals along with many other classes.

Why did I pick knife skills? Well, I think that it is probably one of the most basic fundamentals that can make life in the kitchen move a whole lot faster and more efficiently. Honestly, I just wanted to learn how to properly cut an onion!

Our instructor David Groff – who has worked all over the city including the famous Zuni Café – was not only completely entertaining,  but also very detail oriented. The hours flew by in his class. We learned basic principles – everything from grip and stance to picking the knife that is right for you. We practiced on onions, celery, leeks, carrots, zucchini, potatoes and cabbage, and learned everything from a rock cut, cross cut, to julienned and chiffonade. At the end we were sent home with all of our fresh cuts and a recipe to make a minestrone soup. We even got a demonstration on how to make homemade pesto without a food processor – he was done faster than I could have pulled out my Cuisinart and popped in the blade!

I absolutely loved the class and learned so much and bottom line. Just like anything else, in order to be great at something you must practice, practice, practice. So send me over that box of onions to dice!

xo Mama Ferg

Classes at the San Francisco Cooking School

knife skills collage


Pumpkin Glazed Donuts


What better way to get into the fall spirit than by filling the kitchen with the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin? This is our second installment of donuts, but this time they are dairy and wheat free with the main ingredients being almond flour (high protein) and canned pumpkin (extremely high in fiber). I mean it when I say that this extremely tasty treat is rich and decadent. After one you feel completely content and full of energy instead of the normal sugar crash.

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PicMonkey Collage

Paleo Pooch Poppers

Dog cookies

Our Dogs are like family and when it comes to healthy eating they get the Coastal Kitchen treatment. All three are on a grain free, mixed protein diet with plenty of vegetables, fish oils and a daily probiotic and as far as dog treats go, we follow the same routine, no grain and only healthy ingredients. These paleo pooch treats also contain coconut oil, which is not only healthy for humans but also pets (we read all the labels before buying any of the ingredients as even “organic” peanut butter can contain added sugar and preservatives). Give your four legged buddies nothing but the best, they deserve it!

Gilbert (left) is four-years-old and when we rescued him over a year ago he was so sick and malnourished that a top veterinary hospital suggested putting a feeding tube into him; he couldn’t even walk a block without getting winded and jumping up onto the couch was out of the question. Within six months of healthy eating and exercise he had gained 1.5 lbs. and now races around the house flying up onto every piece of furniture. Rascal (right) is 14-years-old and quite honestly, still “Moves like Jagger.” Kirsten’s Olive (not pictured) is five-years-old and was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. After four years of healthy eating and long walks she has transformed from a gaunt shadow of a dog, with coarse straw-like hair, to a boisterous and healthy fluff ball with a silky coat you can’t stop petting.

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Benefits of coconut oil for dogs

dog cookie Collage


Deciphering the Cereal Aisle


In our opinion the cereal aisle can be deceiving, with bright boxes lining the shelves and screaming labels like “only 60 calories per serving,” “fresh fruit added,” “all-natural” and “organic,” making it hard to decipher the good choices from the bad. For us, having a bowl of cereal in the morning is definitely a treat, but we still try to keep it healthy.

CK’s Tips to Deciphering the Cereal Aisle:

Read the ingredient list: stay away from products with a boatload of additives especially ones you can’t pronounce, in particular BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) and all food dyes.

Look at the serving size: in many cases you will notice that the “120 calories per serving” is only for ½ or ¾ of a cup (the average bowl fills up at least twice that amount).

Be we wary of sugar content: one cup of “Wheaties Fuel” contains 18 grams of sugar, which is not uncommon in the cereal world. Look for products that have 10 or less grams of sugar per serving.

Don’t always believe the labels: for example, the blueberries found in many cereals, breads and snacks are made completely with chemical ingredients like artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars. Do your research before giving in to a marketing campaign.

CK’s Go-To Cereal Mix
½ cup of homemade granola or Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Vanilla Almond (we use only ½ a cup instead of serving size of ¾ to keep sugar down), 1 cup of Arrowhead Mills Organic Puffed Kamut Cereal (to beef up the serving size), ¾ – 1 cup of organic whole milk or unsweetened coconut milk, ½ cup of strawberries and blueberries.

Eat. Real. Food.


Sweet & Crunchy Energy Poppers


Lord knows we could all use a sweet little burst of energy at times but often we grab for the wrong thing which leaves us tired and deflated. So yesterday when I came across this recipe from one of my favorite sites Primally Inspired I was intrigued as it was simple, fast and looking at the ingredients, it had to be good! I decided to whip these little balls of energy up and bring ’em to my Crossfit ladies at the gym.

xoxo Enjoy, Mama Ferg

Print/View Recipe (PS: The ingredients are important. Don’t buy prepackaged chopped dates loaded with sugar and preservatives. Look for whole dates, preferably Medjool dates and Bob’s Redmill unsweetened coconut.)


The San Mateo Crossfit ladies enjoying CK’s Sweet & Crunchy Energy Poppers

Southern Style Pulled Pork


Everyone always tells me how easy it is to use a slow cooker. “Just dump a bunch of ingredients in it, cook on low for eight hours, and you have a great meal when you get home from work.”

I had a wee bit more difficulty. After one year of owning a Crock Pot and tireless hours slaving away in the kitchen, on what turned out to be multiple dinner flops (i.e. overly dry chicken, burnt sauces and the list goes on), I finally made a dish that was not only edible, but also absolutely delicious.

Because this is pulled pork there are many ingredients with sugar incorporated (i.e. BBQ sauce, brown sugar, apple juice) so, to balance out this meal, instead of packing it in between hamburger rolls, I made an open-faced sandwich with gluten free bread (Maninis Gluten Free is our favorite).

The great thing about the Crock Pot is that you can make a large amount of food at a relatively cheap price, and will have leftovers for days.  With my newfound courage, I plan to conquer the art of slow cooking!

View Recipe Here

~ Kirsten

PicMonkey Collage


The 34th America’s Cup – Reflections from the Inside

ac family2(Photo credit: Jim Brown)

As the America’s Cup is upon us, and three years of hard work now coming to a close I speak as an insider and the spouse of an America’s Cup designer and for all the families that also sleep, eat and breathe this event 24/7 for three years. We uproot our lives with our children, sometimes move to foreign countries, and adapt, creating new lives, friends, experiences and routines, knowing full well that, when it is over, we will close up shop and wonder what is next. We’ll go home and pick up where we left off three years prior. The emotional rollercoaster that an America’s Cup family rides is full of highs and lows; it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, if it’s a multi hull or a mono hull, the ride is the same.

Some of my highs began this past October when I was fortunate enough to get to sail on an Oracle AC 45 during a race. I remember the first bear away, the silence and the moment the weather hull lifted 15 feet out of the water, I had a smile bigger than the Cheshire Cat-it was breathtaking! Just last week I got the chance to ride on the America and watched the Oracle Team USA do a fly by, and if you haven’t been up close to an AC 72 burning up the runway at 40 knots, you don’t know what you’re missing! No print, YouTube or TV can truly capture that experience! I literally had goose bumps and some curse words were dropped – it was that amazing! Then, just two days ago, I was at Pier 29 grabbing some AC gear for the family when I saw eight AC 45’s ripping up the Bay. It was the Red Bull youth teams practicing and that’s when it hit me … wow, this was vision and what a platform for bringing a whole new generation into the sport. On my bike back to the train, I began to reflect back….

In 1983, at just 22 years old, I was drifting in a dinghy under the docks in Newport, Rhode Island when Alan Bond gave the motion and Austalia ll was lifted out of the water. I felt privileged to get the first glimpse of the “winged keel.” Imagine, a wing of lead under the water to now, where we have wings of carbon above and below the water. How times have changed.

In September 2010, when the AC 72 rule was published my husband (Scott Ferguson) and many others in the Oracle Racing camp were head-down wrestling with and designing the AC 45. The AC 45 was designed to introduce new teams to the event and give them a leg up on their AC 72 design. While others were strategizing their team’s designs for their AC 72, Scott was analyzing the wing of the AC 45. It truly felt like another AC campaign within itself, as the tension was palpable. I remember the morning they went for the first sail on the AC 45. It was mid January 2011, in Auckland NZ and Scott, who never gets moody or rattled, seemed unusually on edge as he left in the early morning dark. After all they were already mid production with 4-5 boats for an event to be held that May and they had to get it right. Well, what relief I felt when he came home that evening with the biggest smile. I asked him how it went and he beamed, ‘It was awesome!’

In hindsight, I am sure that many will agree that the AC 72 has been a bit of a challenge on all levels but you can’t get past the fact that these are the coolest boats to ever grace an America’s Cup stage. After all, the America’s Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and its design, build and sailing should reflect that-it should be the most challenging, and the final product, the most advanced.

Until you ride on an AC 45 or get kicked in the face by the water from an AC 72 fly-by, it’s hard to truly appreciate the magnitude of the technology, talent and skill involved.

~ Kim (aka, Mama Ferg)

The America’s Cup

Oracle Team USA

The Red Bulletin: Ready for Takeoff

day on an AC45CollageMy day on an AC 45

Parmesan and Panko Crusted Tilapia


We love tilapia. It makes for a relatively inexpensive meal, but it needs to be cooked with the appropriate amount of seasoning. Below is the cost breakdown of our rendition of “Parmesan and Panko Crusted Tilapia.” We made it a meal by adding a spinach salad, complete with cranberries, sliced almonds, feta and oil and vinegar.

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Parmesan and Panko Crusted Tilapia
Cost for Four:

4 Tilapia Fillets (organic) $9.99
12 oz. Pack of Panko Crumbs $3.00
6 oz. shredded Parmesan cheese $3.50
1 lemon $0.50
Paprika Spice (already in CK pantry) $2.75
Garlic Powder (already in CK pantry) $2.64

Total (including “already in pantry” spices) = $22.38 ($5.59 per person)




Fried Plantains


The first time we had fried plantains was at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island. After one bite we were hooked but, because of how tasty they were, we automatically thought it couldn’t be a healthy option…oh how wrong we were. Packed with vitamins A, B6, C and potassium, this “super food” may be a member of the banana family, but it is much lower in sugar and typically served as a vegetable or starch. These little fried plantains have a taste that combines a little hint of sweet with a little potato hash brown and can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner, but just remember that when you are picking plantains for this particular recipe look for firm and ripe ones (look for ones with a little green, yellow and black).

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Health Benefits

More on Plantains

Fried plantain Collage

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms


There’s a crispness in the air and the feeling of fall is upon us, which got us to thinking about Thanksgiving, mushrooms and stuffing. This is a simple and delicious appetizer reminiscent of Scott’s amazing Thanksgiving Day stuffing (we’ll post in November) in which he adds onions and sausage. Of course the sausage is optional in this stuffing should you choose to opt out. But either way, we hope you enjoy this favorite from the CK ladies!

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Stuffed mushroomsCollage

Kiley Hagerty with Kitchen Tips for the Independent Lady

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.10.50 PM

Meet fellow kitchen sister, Kiley Hagerty, whose passion for cooking started at the age of five, with the unwrapping of her first EasyBake oven; after baking every packet of cake, cookie and brownie mix under the little pink appliance’s 40-watt lightbulb, she was hooked.

Seventeen years later – after working with some of the industry’s biggest names, including EatingWell Magazine – Kiley is showcasing her culinary prowess with the “On Your Own” cookbook, an all-encompassing guide to the kitchen for women on-the-go. From healthy and delicious recipes to food budgeting, essentials cooking tools and kitchen layout, this witty book is sure to have readers laughing mid-whisk.

“My aim is to get the ‘Carrie Bradshaws’ of the world to stop using their oven as a sweater drawer,” said Kiley. “Every year a fresh new batch of ladies set off on their own, turning a new life chapter and I want this book to help make their journey easier, funnier and more enjoyable.”

The cookbook will go to print this fall, but in the meantime, you can find out more about the San Francisco transplant at and her Facebook page (

Happy Friday Everyone!

Almond Flaxseed Bread


Wow, this grain-free bread is absolutely delicious and does the trick when looking for a yummy piece of bread sans the gluten. Not only that, you get the powerful health benefits of flaxseed, the protein from the almond flour, and great taste with no carb crash!

This recipe from Healy Real Food Vegetarian is really quick and easy to make. The bread tastes great plain or toasted. We like it toasted with a touch of butter, a kiss of honey and a dusting of cinnamon.


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Flax bread Collage