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Smoked Salmon Triangles

If you are looking for a delicious appetizer to bust out in less than 20 minutes while rushing out to a party, look no further! That is exactly what we did on Christmas Eve and these little smoked salmon triangles were a hit! Print/View Recipe

Flourless Cheesy Bread

This cheesy bread from Nourished and Nurtured is grain free and absolutely delicious and we doubt that there is any kid on this planet that wouldn’t devour it! Memories of “party pizza’s” in Jamestown came flooding back with the first bite. Just add some marinara sauce and you have quite a treat. Note: One reader […]

Fried Avocados with Honey Mustard Dip

Ooh, when we saw this recipe we just had to try it! These fried avocadoes were really and truly, finger lickin’ good! Super easy to make and the dipping sauce really seals the deal. The only changes that we made from the original recipe were: 1. Eliminated any dairy in the avocado egg wash-instead we […]

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

There’s a crispness in the air and the feeling of fall is upon us, which got us to thinking about Thanksgiving, mushrooms and stuffing. This is a simple and delicious appetizer reminiscent of Scott’s amazing Thanksgiving Day stuffing (we’ll post in November) in which he adds onions and sausage. Of course the sausage is optional […]

Plantain Flatbread

One of our favorite things to eat when at home is the guacamole with toasted plantains at Perro Salado in Newport, Rhode Island. So when looking for something healthy and sturdy to go with our guacamole, we came across this wonderful recipe from PurelyTwins. We had our doubts when making it for the first time […]


This past holiday weekend brought sweltering heat to the Northeast and when we were asked to bring an appetizer to a party the first thing we thought of was some cool, crisp, energy inducing guacamole. We have a super quick recipe that is sure to please! Ingredients: • 3 advocados • 1 lime juiced • […]

Red Stemmed Chard Sesame Chips

Kent’s garden surprise was the great Red Stemmed Chard and aside from putting it in our green drinks, Cynthia made some chips for us while visiting us in California. Great way to get kids and grown ups who don’t like their greens to chow down on chard as well! ~ XO Mama Ferg Print Recipe

Skinny Bruschetta

While we usually make bruschetta with toasted bread drizzled with olive this is a different spin on an old favorite. Sydney created this lovely treat last summer as we were all sitting around the counter eating fresh pesto pretty much by the spoonful if you must know! Seeing as there was no bread around she […]


Today we have a guest post from Aunt Cynthia (Kim’s sister) who when not flying through the air on her kiteboard, can be found  fishing for dinner on her SUP (stand up paddleboard). This dish is common on the beaches of Mexico. Even if you are land locked on frozen tundra, the fresh lime, fish […]

Artichoke & Brie Poppers

Hors d’oeuvres are the death of me. Whenever I’m at cocktail parties, work parties, holiday parties, etc., I’m constantly scooping them off the plate and shoveling them into my mouth, because, well, they are so small. They can’t be that harmful. Right? If you have complete self-control and can eat one or two and be […]

Sweet Potato Sliders

These were simply delicious and a great snack for watching the football games this past weekend! First, we started with creating little tiny beef patties, patties made with grass fed beef mixed with a salt and pepper combo and some Worcestershire sauce. We then topped each one with a little piece of cooked bacon, which […]