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Grilled Wings, Spinach Salad and Homemade Ranch

The fall season is upon us and with that comes football, and with that comes football-worthy snacks and meals. We used to love ordering wings out at restaurants until we found out how many heavy ingredients go into the making of them. We opted out of the fried version and made these grilled wings from […]

Rebuilding the Fajita

Mexican food holds a special place in the Coastal Kitchen ladies’ hearts, but with all the additives found in pre-made seasonings and sauces, we were quite excited to come across this post from SparkPeople. Three new additions to our Mexican nights are avocado cream, fajita rub (we added salt to ours) and replacing the standard […]

Coastal Kitchen’s Quick Red Sauce

This is the Coastal Kitchen ladies’ go-to spaghetti sauce. It is super easy to make and in less than ten minutes the smell of fresh garlic will be wafting through your house, reminding you that it is ready to be served. Because we make it so often, we tend to ditch the measuring component – […]

Basil Pesto – Five Simple Ingredients

I have always considered pesto a healthy comfort food and a jar of it used to have a place in my grocery cart every week. Since starting this blog, I have been much more aware of not only nutrition facts but also listed ingredients. Growing up my mom always made it with five simple things: […]

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Longing for warm summer nights during these short winter days is what led me to thoughts of pesto. Pesto brings back memories of summer, long days, salt air and crickets chirping at dusk. Upon embarking on making a sun dried tomato pesto I found that most packaged sun dried tomatoes, the main ingredient, came complete […]

Meatballs for Two

Okay, this recipe actually makes 20 meatballs but what we love about this idea is that not everyone wants pasta with their meatballs.  To accommodate both parties, you can boil up some pasta and make a salad and let your guest choose! Inspiration for this came from entering a sandwich shop in Burlingame, California called […]