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Chicken Soup for A Dog’s Soul

  A favorite for our dogs in the winter is a homemade chicken broth-chicken broth without all of the additives found in store bought stock. It’s definitely tastier than the bone broth posted earlier as you can see from Gilbert’s face. In this version we use a whole raw chicken (USDA Organic) and simmer it […]

Best Buddy Bone Broth

Bone Broth is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your dog’s meals. Often considered a “super food,” bone broth can help to boost your dog’s immune system by helping to heal the gut and detoxify the liver. Since moving back to Rhode Island I have spent some time volunteering at the North Kingstown Animal […]

Southern Style Pulled Pork

Everyone always tells me how easy it is to use a slow cooker. “Just dump a bunch of ingredients in it, cook on low for eight hours, and you have a great meal when you get home from work.” I had a wee bit more difficulty. After one year of owning a Crock Pot and […]