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Separated by circumstance but still sharing a love for a healthy lifestyle …

Banana Kale Cashew Shake

Are you having trouble convincing your kids or your spouse to drink a “green drink?” Well, this might do the trick. We discovered this recipe a month ago and at first thought it tasted almost too decadent for breakfast, but with super foods, like cashews, kale and bananas,  how could it be? Remember, you will […]

Sweet Beet Smoothie

Who said that Happy Hour had to start at 5 pm? This rainy dreary New England morning called for some extra color and spice so we derailed it with a little bit of pink. What’s in your drink? Ingredients: ~ 1 beet ~ 3 leaves of collard greens ~ 1 small handful of pea shoots […]

Mama Ferg’s Green Drink

There is always competition for who gets to make the “Green Drink” in the morning … heaven forbid I add beets as a pink drink would just ruin Scott’s day. He’s pretty set on the fact that the drink remain green. So, in keeping it green, these are the ingredients I love to use. (makes […]

Kirsten’s Green Drink

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our “Green Drink” recipes and the Vitamix and have decided to dedicate a few blog posts to a new recipe every month. I’ve started with my morning wake up smoothie, which gives both Chris and me the energy we need to start the day. As we’ve mentioned […]

Dad’s Green Drink

  You could probably call it an obsession because our dad doesn’t leave the house without it. Who knew that by combining a special mix of aloe vera juice, peas, avocado, grapes, mango, kale and water, you could win over the most manliest of men. At 51-years-old, our dad, Scott, is super fit. He plays […]