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Crock Pot Chicken Stock

In the past, I was intimidated by the idea of making my own chicken stock and thus resorted to buying “organic” chicken stock for making soups. Although, in the last year and after reading Michael Pollan’s book, “Cooked” I have learned to enjoy the process of making it on my own and better yet, knowing […]

Broccoli-Cheese Soup

Try this delicious spin on an old favorite where the broccoli is now the star of the show! We stumbled upon this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen and decided to give it a try. The recipe is quick to make and best when finished off with some simple croutons made from a fresh baguette. Just […]

Zucchini Soup

With summer winding down, have you been wondering what to do with all of the zucchini in your garden? Well, here is the perfect solution from Primally Inspired. This soup is so creamy that it might trick your taste buds into thinking that there is actually cream in it but guess what? There’s no dairy in […]

Roasted Fennel and Potato Soup

  This delicious soup recipe was created while taking a class at the San Francisco Cooking School back in February. We were asked to make a potato soup using anything from the following list of suggested ingredients: Russet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Leeks, Carrots, Celery, Fennel, Bacon, Herbs, Spices, White Wine, Chicken Stock, Creme Fraiche, Cream or […]

Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

Shut the front door! This soup is absolutely AMAZING! Even better, its sugar-free, gluten-free and super hearty. Thank you to Balanced Bites for this one! I just added more chicken, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and served it for  Valentines Day dinner – Scott even went back for seconds which is always a good […]

Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup with Bacon

I’m always trying to find ways to trick myself into getting all my veggies daily and this is one of the most genius solutions yet! By blending together broccoli, cauliflower, garlic and chicken broth it creates a thick chowder-like soup that satisfies those cravings for a creamy comfort food while still being completely paleo. This […]

Tomato Soup with Meatballs

To satisfy the craving for meatballs and pasta or a hearty winter soup sans the pasta we created this dish. This soup is filling and definitely does the trick! No bread needed! Print /View Recipe  

Tuscan Bean Soup with Spinach & Orzo

Sydney Bean Soup This soup is our variation of a Tuscan Bean Soup that we affectionately call, “Sydney Bean Soup” because as a little kid, Sydney was always asking to make it. So, in honor of my littlest kitchen munchkin and constant kitchen kid…. here is our long treasured recipe! Ps. Sydney’s favorite channel growing […]

Butternut Squash Soup

We are all back in Rhode Island and adjusting “not so gracefully” to the winter weather. While we had visions of curling up by the fire, with our hot tea and blankets, we have decided that winter, as magical as it can be, is quite the game changer (our blood has thinned). To spice it […]