Best Buddy Bone Broth

by Kitchen Ladies


Bone Broth is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your dog’s meals. Often considered a “super food,” bone broth can help to boost your dog’s immune system by helping to heal the gut and detoxify the liver.

Since moving back to Rhode Island I have spent some time volunteering at the North Kingstown Animal Shelter and that’s where I met dear sweet Logan (photo below). Every once in a while you meet a dog that just has something special. I can’t really explain it but Logan is that dog. He’s such a beautiful and kind soul that makes everyone who meets him smile. He’s going to make someone very happy!

Logan came into the shelter with a very sad story and honestly one that I won’t go into because as Andrea Czabok said it so beautifully, “We don’t look back, we only look forward. Their new life begins now.”  Andrea is a part-time ACO on staff as well as a dog trainer. Holly Duffany, the full-time ACO, along with Andrea and countless volunteers all take turns caring for Logan and the rest of the gang. They make an incredible team! So, with that said, I can honestly say that within a few weeks at NKAS Logan has gone from a very sick, submissive and shy boy to a bubbly and wiggly unleashed soul! He’s absolutely AWESOME and because of Logan I stepped it up and went into healthy treat mode bringing in some of our bone broth and homemade sweet potato treats. Both of these options are very inexpensive to make and will nutritionally blow away the pricey toxic crap found on most grocery shelves. My rule of thumb: the more natural and unprocessed the food source, the better.

Have a beautiful holiday season and don’t forget the dogs! If you cannot give the gift of time, a tax-deductible donation would be worth a million wet noses and dog kisses!

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xo Mama Ferg

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