Chicken Sausage Stir-Fry

by Kitchen Ladies


Meals during the week can get monotonous especially when you are rushing to the grocery store after work in the hopes of whipping something up quick on a limited budget.

Recently Unit 902 has been in a rut, with meals day-after-day consisting of the same ingredients and flavors. After racking our brains on what to make that would have a little more “spice” to it, Chris suggested stir-fry. The great thing about this meal is that you can make it with a variety of proteins and vegetables, therefore you can look for what is on sale and cook for cheap. In the mood for chicken sausage and brocollini, we whipped this baby up for dinner and had a large amount of leftovers!

Dinner for 3-4 Cost 

6 Publix Greenwise Italian Chicken Sausage – $6.59
2 Organic Bell Peppers –  $3.46
1 Onion – $.63
1 Bunch Organic Broccolini – $3.49

Total = $14.17

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~ Kir