Snowboarding in Tahoe – No Gym Membership Required

by Kitchen Ladies

We have dedicated Wednesday’s posts to adventures that incorporate the three f’s (fun, fitness and food)

Since moving to San Francisco a few months ago, every weekend holds a new adventure. Whether it’s discovering a new favorite restaurant, exploring one of the many neighborhoods or meeting new friends, the city has so much to offer! This weekend it was the mountains! My boyfriend Rome and I packed up our gear (including my new birthday snowboard) and headed North to Tahoe. Once again, San Francisco amazed me… picked up at 4:30 am and on the mountain by 8:30 just in time for the first run of the day. I hadn’t snowboarded in a few years but getting back into it was a breeze! The exhilaration, the fresh powder, and the smell of winter air made me question why I had missed so many seasons in the past.

I absolutely love being active and spending time outside, so it is important that I find forms of fitness that work with my lifestyle. Some of my favorite forms of exercise don’t require a gym membership but are just as effective; Road biking, running and snowboarding are just some examples of ways for me to enjoy nature while getting exercise. After entering the activity of snowboarding into my trusty Fitness Pal (which incorporates weight and height) 2 hours burns a whopping 730 calories! Not hard to believe… on the very last run of the weekend, Rome took me on the “experts only” double black diamond run (complete with a skull and crossbones sign) and my thighs were burning from going down the first part of the mountain—or should I say cliff—in the squatting position!

By the end of the weekend, I was sore but aching for more. I think a season pass is in store!