Supermarket Survival Guide – Eggs

by Kitchen Ladies

Last week I watched a newly released documentary, Genetically Modified Foods in America, which left me wondering about the trickle down effect of  GMOs in our food supply.

According to the documentary there are currently 9 products in the USA that are genetically modified and those are:

  1. Soy
  2. Corn (not popcorn)
  3. Cottonseed (for oil)
  4. Canola (for oil)
  5. Sugar Beets (for sugar)
  6. Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
  7. Zucchini
  8. Yellow Crookneck Squash
  9. Alfalfa (for hay)

From this short list, comes an endless list of products made from these GMO crops including the ever so popular high fructose corn syrup and canola oil both of which can be found in just about every product in the middle aisles of most grocery stores. Best to steer clear of those aisles and stick to the outskirts where the live food is.

As far as the live foods (food with a limited shelf life), I have become quite conscious and particular when it comes to knowing the source of our meat, chicken and fish although, I found myself unable to sleep at 4 a.m. pondering the eggs! How do I know that those “cage free,” “antibiotic free” hens aren’t eating GMO corn or soy? Where is the label for that?

With a little research, I got the low down on pasture-raised, free range and cage free. Yes, there is a label and no, “cage free” doesn’t always mean GMO free. Most commercial chicken feed is made up of conventionally raised corn and soy (most likely GMO) but true free-ranging chickens are raised on certified organic pastures and fed a corn free, soy free and GMO free feed. If your egg-laying hen is eating GMO then so are you. Below is the label to look for:


In fact, look for this label on other products as well, as more and more companies are starting to request this third party verification label. In our house, Scott likes his oatmeal and we don’t buy it if this label is not on it!

PS. I encourage everyone to sit down and watch the above documentary. It’s educational, eye opening and downright scary. Sorry to turn your stomachs on this lovely Wednesday, but I think that it’s important to share!

xo Mama Ferg

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GMO eggsCollageEggs shown above can be found at Whole Foods Market