The Perfect Picnic

by Kitchen Ladies


One of our favorite things to do mid-summer is pack up our favorite foods and head to the beach for a picnic. This is the classic hazy lazy summer day in Jamestown at our favorite hideaway, Green’s Pier.

CK’s Top Tips on Perfecting the Picnic:

1. Prepare foods before heading to your destination. Choose easy-to-eat foods that have already been prepped so you aren’t doing all the work when you should be enjoying the scenery.
2. Make sure to keep perishable food and drinks chilled properly with coolers and ice packs
3. We aren’t always fans of plastic, but if you are heading outside, always have unbreakable plates and cups. Check out our new favorite wine glasses (pictured in this post) at
4. Add personal touches like fun linen napkins, flowers or anything else that brings your personal style to the table (literally).