The Wonder Product – Coconut Oil

by Kitchen Ladies


We’ve posted about coconut oil in the past and its well-rounded qualities. After reading a great article by Glitter Guide (here), we started to experiment with it more on the beauty side of things and have found that there is no other product quite like it. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are native to the skin, which can help restore lost natural oils, repair environmental damage and reduce inflammation, making it a great candidate for replacing many brands on the shelf. Here are a few (of the many) ways you can incorporate this miracle product into your everyday routine.

Hair: Repair damaged hair by simply rubbing coconut oil into the ends or treat dandruff with a coconut oil hair mask (version here). Have frizzy hair? Tame it by replacing mousse or gel with this product.

Skin: This is the ultimate moisturizer and its antioxidants have been known to fight aging as well as reduce the inflammation that causes acne. Coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen and native Pacific islanders have been using it for thousands of years.

Teeth: Mixing baking soda and coconut oil makes all-natural toothpaste with whitening qualities. It doesn’t taste half-bad either.