Wine Country Century Ride

by Kitchen Ladies


Over the past couple of weeks my parents have been talking non-stop about the Wine Country Century Ride (WCC) – a ride that covers 100 miles of Sonoma County’s most beautiful back roads and vineyards. Apparently the event sold out in a matter of hours back in February and my parents already had two tickets but when they saw my excitement at the chance to ride in this they were able to find an extra ticket on Craig’s List.

About a year ago, my dad got me into road biking and recently bought me a Specialized road bike as a “congratulations on your new job” gift – not bad, huh – but part of the deal was that I come out and ride with him.

Often we will ride up into the hills of Pescadero or up to Skyline through Hillsboro. When I don’t get a chance to bike outside I opt for spin class at OmPower in SoMa—the instructors pump awesome tunes and feature go-pro videos of amazing rides on routes from all over the world on a large projector.

In the WCC my dad rode the 100-mile course with some of his co-workers while my mom and I rode the 100-kilometer (62-mile). It was a great day to hang out with mom. We got an amazing workout but also got to catch up on work, life and of course planned Kirsten’s Wedding in 62-miles. Initially, this distance ride seemed daunting but after some family rides, led by dad, I realized how much he had prepped us all, as the WCC was a breeze compared to one of his “epic rides.”

Mom and I were laughing around mile 50, thinking of dad and glad that we didn’t have another 50 miles to go. While mom and I didn’t ride our hardest, we totally inhaled the scenery and were both inspired by the beautiful landscapes and vineyard signage. It’s adventures like these that remind us how important it is to get outdoors and to experience and create memories with the people you love.