Wipro San Francisco Marathon

by Kitchen Ladies


This past Sunday I ran in The Wipro San Francisco Marathon and completed in my first half marathon! It was an incredible achievement for me and, despite how much pain I am in right now, I am already planning my next event!

Once college ended and I realized there would be no more lacrosse seasons to keep me in shape, I really wanted to develop a love for exercise on my own, specifically running. I knew that signing up for a half marathon was the best way to fuel my competitive nature and keep myself motivated toward my goal.

I did a mix of training–running, spinning, yoga, and some light weight training. Even with the training, the race seemed to creep up on me and when the race weekend came, I couldn’t help but feel underprepared. However, with the right fuel (carbo-loading the night before, Cliff Mojo Bar and Cliff Shot Bloks pre-race), a great playlist, and a seriously high adrenaline, I was able to run the entire race without stopping and finish with a time of 2:06:59. I didn’t have a desired pace in mind going into to race, but now I’ll definitely have my 9:39/mile to work on in the future.

Can’t wait for the next one, looks like I found my new sport!

~ Sydney

Below you will find a couple of things that helped me during the race:

Wipro Marathon Collage
-Cliff Shot Bloks and Cliff Mojo Bar
-SPIbelt: aka the only fanny pack i’ll ever wear! I borrowed this belt from my friend Michelle who is an experience runner. You can use it to zip up your phone and secure it to your waist – I cant believe I didn’t know these existed! Also, they are only around $20, I’ve already ordered mine online.
-Quality headphones